6 Key Repairs for Spring Time

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Winter can take a toll on your lawn and garden, and you’ll find plenty to do when everything melts away. Some repairs are more necessary than others, and will need immediate attention. Here are the 6 repairs we feel are the most important for you to look for and take care of before doing anything else around your house.

  1. rain-gutter-473845_640Fix Your Gutters – We’ve discussed clogged gutters before, and we know what winter can do to them. Ice dams can weigh them down, pull them away from the house and loosen up their moorings. The best thing to do is to get up on a ladder and check your gutter clips to make sure the  gutter is still solidly fastened to the house. Look for damaged areas and replace if necessary.
  2. Trim Your Trees – Particularly with winters where the snow and ice has frozen and thawed numerous times, heavy branches can snap. On the way down, they can take out other branches, or objects below. A branch that has broken off, leaving a ragged stump, also leaves behind a vulnerable part of the tree that can become infected over time. Cleaning it up in the spring can give it the chance to recover
  3. Clean Up Your Bushes – While your trees are a pretty obvious candidate for cleaning up after a rough winter, your bushes also need a good pruning – they may have been damaged during the winter as well.
  4. Level the Grade of Your Yard – A yard that does not have a smooth, level grade will have dips and divots that can collect water. These collection spots will create severely muddy areas, and can lead to standing puddles of water. This swampy yard can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, not to mention it can make an utter mess and kill off grass.
  5. grass-296075_640Repair Your Pathways – The constant freeze and thaw over the winter can cause you lawn to heave and swell, and we’ve discussed that before. However, it can also cause your pathways to heave and swell, displacing bricks and stones. Dig out the ground underneath and replace the hardscape. While you are at it, make sure to fill in the cracks with loose gravel, stone dust, sand, or even ground cover that can survive being walked upon.
  6. Prevent Erosion With a New Wall – You may have noticed some issues with land and mud sliding around during the winter, possibly flowing out onto hardscape. To prevent this from recurring, installing a retaining wall, even if its short, can be very effective.

These six key repairs will help shape up your lawn and garden coming out of the winter time. Spring is the perfect time, thanks to just coming out of the thaw and the relatively temperate weather – summer may see too many storms, while fall has far too much else to worry about, especially with leaf clean up.

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