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A Hanging Garden

Perhaps you have knowledge of the Hanging Garden of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of The World. To this day, historians are not positive that the gardens ever existed, but the idea of hanging gardens certainly captures the imagination.

If you happen to live in a small apartment and don’t have enough space to include plants either inside the apartment or on the balcony, perhaps you can take a lesson from the Babylonians and consider creating a hanging garden.

Of course, it need not be as elaborate as the legendary gardens of Babylon, but it can be something modest that features as many as six plants.

The items you will need to construct this hanging garden include:

· 6 equal size squares of wood
· Jigsaw
· 6 mason jars with metal rims (Each jar should be wider on the top than the middle)
· Drill
· 2 threaded rods
· Washers
· Bolts
· Small rocks
· 6 Plants
· Metal cables
· Eye hooks

Instead of buying six equal size squares of wood, you can cut your own.

Constructing The Garden

1. Take the six squares of wood and use the jigsaw or another cutting device to poke out a large hole in the center of each square where the Mason jar will rest.
2. Drill two other holes on either side of each square through which the threaded rods can slide.
3. Feed the rods through each of the squares and secure to each square using the bolts and washers.
4. Put small rocks in each jar to give the roots enough space to breathe.
5. Place each plant in each jar with the metal lid rim fastened on top and place each jar on each of the wood squares.
6. Place eye hooks on the ceiling
7. Attach metal cables on the top of the first square and route them through the eye hooks.





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