An Overview of Backyard Fire Pits

As we ease into the summer months, one lawn feature you may want to look into is a fire pit. Backyard fire pits are quite fashionable now; with handsome woods available, including cedar, oak, and cherry, they will really boost the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. A fireplace makes a great centerpiece to a well-groomed lawn, and they are especially enjoyable for kids. Whether you have a permanent backyard fire pit or a portable one, fire pits provide warmth on cold evenings (great during the springtime) and kids love roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on the open hearth. At the same time, when they are not properly implemented or handled, fire pits can serve as a major safety concern, so you need to make sure that you have done your homework before installing one. In this post, we review some essential tenets of fire place safety.

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What You Need to Know About Fire Pits

Where should you install your fire pit?

When considering where to install your fire pit, you need to consider where your flammable objects are. The pit should not get installed within 10 feet (minimum) of anything flammable, and it is also crucial that the pit gets placed on level ground. Also consider the proximity between your fire pit and your neighbor’s yard—you don’t want smoke infiltrating their backyard. Another concern to bear in mind when installing the fire pit is that the pit needs to be strong enough to withstand a good soaking. In the event that the fire were to get out of control, you need to be sure that the fire pit won’t collapse.

How to manage and enjoy your fire pit?

Safety is crucial when enjoying your fire pit. Make sure that the vents are clear at all times, and another common mistake involves cramming too many sticks in the pit. The sticks should also be relatively short and dry enough to burn easily. Finally, to protect your lawn in case of fire, be sure to keep a strong hose and fire extinguisher on the premises at all times.

A fire pit really brings a family together and creates lasting summertime memories. Following the advice above will allow you to enjoy your fire pit and prevent it from threatening your safety.


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