Budget Buying: Riding Mowers Under $10,000

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This week in our budget buying series, we look at riding mowers that push up towards the five-digit range. If you are willing to spend up to $10,000 on a new mower, you want to make sure you can get as much mower as possible, and you want a mower that is powerful and versatile.

John Deere X710

Built on a heavy-duty, welded steel chassis, this lawn tractor is built for durability. Deere backs it up with a long-term warranty, offering 4 years or 700 operating hours, which is quite a bit of time in the hands of a homeowner. The Deere is powered by a 22-horsepower V-Twin engine guided by two-wheel hydraulic power steering. The hydrostatic Twin Touch foot controls makes changing direction and speed a breeze – there’s a reason why Deere has made it the go-to transmission across their mower lines. All of this helps to power and direct a 48-inch deck. This Deere will set you back quite a bit though, barely coming in within budget at $9,999.

Hustler X-ONEi

Hustler mainly produces commercial and industrial mowers, meaning they trend towards the higher budget ranges. This also means they are tough machines made to tackle large pieces of ground, quickly. The X-ONEi features a 23.5-horsepower Kawasaki motor and a 60-inch deck. The dual hydrostatic drive system, with the heavy-duty Parker HTE10 transmission, allows the mower to move at up to 9 miles per hour. The Hustler sits in the middle of the budget range, at a starting price of $9,106.

Simplicity Legacy XL

Sitting at the top end of Simplicity’s range of tractors, the Legacy XL has almost as much in common with compact utility tractors as it does with the usual lawn mower. These features include front-connect hydraulics, a 540-RPM PTO shaft, and a Class I 3-Point hitch. The 10-gauge steel deck is available in either a 54″ stamped or 61″ fabricated version, and it can be adjusted to any point between 1.5 inches and 4 inches of cutting height. The 18-inch seat is supportive, All of this comes with a price tag that is comfortably at the bottom of this budget range, starting out at $8,349.

Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle 2550 KW

Dixie’s Silver Eagle began life as a residential mower, meaning it has a lot of the sensibilities of residential mowers while having the capabilities and durability of a commercial or industrial mower. This includes a 25-horsepower Kawasaki engine that can propel the mower at the rate of 5.3 acres per hour. The 50-inch EliteX mower deck provides for a great cut and appearance, while covering good-sized swaths of land. These machines sit in the middle of the budget range, with most of the versions starting out at $9,349.

Kubota GR2120

Kubota GR2120

Kubota GR2120 with 54-inch Deck

A 21-horsepower, diesel-powered tractor that pushes into the compact utility tractor range that Kubota is famed for, the GR2120 is equipped with Kubota’s Glide Steer hydrostatic power steering, and a hydrostatic transmission controlled through a single foot lever. The 54-inch deck is made out of 10-gauge steel, and is raised and lowered through a dial, at quarter-inch intervals. With pricing starting at $9,388, the Kubota is well within the budget range at the base level, but can quickly rise in price as modified.

Next week, we’ll take one last look at the rest of the field for folks with an unlimited budget.

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