Common Lawn Mowing Dangers: A Brief Overview

Lawn mower safety is an essential consideration for any lawn owner, and yet people continually fail to practice safe mowing technique and succumb to mowing dangers. The dangers of lawn mowing speak for themselves; it is not for nothing that thousands of people are injured each year simply from mowing their lawn in an unsafe manner. In reality, it should come as no surprise that there are so many injuries; after all, it is estimated that when fully running, a lawn mower blade turns at the speed of a .357 magnum pistol. In this post, we review common lawn mowing dangers, and offer suggestions on how you can practice lawn mower safety and prevent disaster from ever striking.

unsafe mowing

This is Poor Mowing Practice

Common lawn mowing dangers

There are many dangers of lawn mowing that can result in serious injury. One of the most severe dangers involves getting one’s hand caught in the mower blade. You may well know someone who has lost part of a finger at the hands of a lawn mower blade, but needless to say that the effects are irreversible. Another relatively common issue involves getting burned with hot engines; people sometimes forget that lawn mower stay hot until well after they have been turned off, so be sure that you leave the engine untouched after use. Under no circumstances should you mow while carrying children or pets. Finally, one of the other most prevalent dangers involves getting hit with debris. Because the mower is so powerful, any debris that might be underneath can easily get shot toward your face (slingshot-style) and result in damage to your eye and face.

What can you do to protect yourself from harm?

Lawn mower safety begins before you even start the mower. Be sure to inspect the mower before using it, and get it serviced at the start of each year. Whenever you work on the mower yourself, disconnect the spark plug. Don’t refuel the engine while it is still hot, and don’t touch cables when the grass on your lawn is wet (it’s generally best to not mow when your grass is wet, anyway.) Clean the lawn before mowing so that you can be sure that there will not be any debris flung your way. When you do encounter debris while mowing, pick it up with a stick as this will keep your hands away from the blade. Finally, this may seem obvious, but whenever you are finished mowing always remember to turn off the mower.

This post has exposed just how many dangers exist when mowing the lawn. In order to remain safe, you really need to treat mowing your lawn with the same seriousness that you would when driving your car. Just remember: lawn care can be fun, but it should never be at the expense of the safety of you and those around you.


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