Create A Tree Stump Planter

In a previous article, we described how to rid your yard of tree stumps. However, having a tree-stump as a part of your landscape can be a benefit. Consider this. How about converting a tree stump into a planter? Although the process requires some use of muscles, it is not that difficult to do. In fact, the whole ordeal can be performed in four steps.

Tools you will need to complete the project include:

· Safety Glasses
· A Sharpened Mattock or Pick Ax.
· 3/8- to ½-inch-wide Auger Bit and Drill or a Bit Brace
· Gravel
· Compost
· Potting Soil
· Plants

The project starts with the muscle work. Take the mattock and chip away at the center of the tree stump with the pointed end.

Photo by William Wright.

As the hole gets bigger, start using the wider end of the mattock. Chip away toward the edges of the stump and create a round border of at least 3-inches in diameter. Dig a 4- to 8-inch deep hole within the border.

Take the auger bit and drill or bit brace and drill holes into the side of the tree stump that slope toward the ground. These holes will provide the drainage.

Photo by William Wright.

Place free draining material such as gravel in the hole and top it with a mixture of 30 percent compost and 70 percent potting soil.

Photo by William Wright.

Install some beautiful plants.

Photo by William Wright.

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