Five Great Ways to Decorate your Lawn for Halloween

It’s October, which means that it’s time for the ghouls and goblins to come out and play. You’ll want to decorate your lawn to make it welcoming for trick-or-treaters, while being subtle enough to not be an eyesore. Throwing a hastily carved pumpkin and some inflatable decorations out there is the tried-and-true way, but what can you do that’s a bit out of the ordinary? Here are five ideas of ways to decorate your lawn for Halloween. Even better, these ideas use common tools and plants found around the house.

Pumpkin Owls

Instead of carving pumpkins with designs and putting candles in them, as is traditional, try decorating the pumpkin or stacking them and adorning them with other objects to make a whole new object. In this case, two small pumpkins have been skewered together for the body, with pumpkin seeds fanned out for the eyes, and berries for eyeballs. You can use whatever you have around the house, and perch the owl in a tree, on your porch, or wherever you see fit. An additional advantage is that the owl is entirely biodegradable, so no guilt when you throw it out or put it in the compost pile.


Topiary Terrors

This one is a bit more complicated, with directions found here. You don’t have to follow the directions exactly though, feel free to experiment, using other materials you may have in your gardens. Don’t have Spanish moss or Western cedars? Check around, you probably have something similar that you can substitute.


Wheelbarrow of Bones

You use it enough during the summertime, might as well get some use out of it for decor. Skeleton bones can be picked up at any Halloween store, and you should already have dirt and a trowel hanging around in your shed.


Hanging Ghost Gourds

Those branches that have fallen around your lawn can still be useful, so don’t toss them just yet. Paint some gourds white, and use black paint for the eyes and mouth. Using wire, tie the branches together, then hang them and the gourds strategically around your doorway or gazebo for some fun haunted decor.

Lawnmowered Man

You’re probably sick of seeing your lawn mower by now, but bring it out for this one last time to provide a fun little Halloween lawn display. Using a mannequin or other body, a lawn stake, and a Halloween-store skeleton, you can make it look like the dead have come back to mow the lawn… as well as to cut the living up. Avoid using a riding mower though, as then it starts looking too realistic and could result in a visit from an ambulance or the police.


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