High Tech Tools Brings Gardening Into The 21st Century

High tech rules! And, for your gardeners out there high tech manufacturers haven’t forgotten you. From smart sprinklers to plant pollinators; it’s time for gardening to become a 21st Century hobby.

There are 10 high tech products that will be outlined here. All are designed to make the chore of gardening so much more enjoyable.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

No matter how much experience you have as a gardener, the riddle of knowing exactly how much water your lawn and garden needs is a tough one to answer. Now, however, there is a sprinkler system that always gets the amount of water put on the grass and plants perfect. Not only that, this gadget features automatic weather adjustments that ensure that the sprinkler won’t water when it’s raining. And with water conservation a major issue in many regions of the country, this sprinkler will help make you a conservation hero. It includes an app to control the product that can be downloaded to your smartphone and it is capable of integrating with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can control it with your voice from inside your home.

Cestash Wall-Mounted Planter Pots

If you live in an apartment or just wish to bring your garden indoors, this product is just what you’re looking for. The high tech Cestash Wall-Mount Plant Pots include a strong adhesive surface that attaches to just about anything from glass and wood to tile and plaster. The pots feature a self-watering system, so you basically set it and forget it.

Parrot Flower Power Smart Plant Sensor

This is another high tech phenomenon that we have discussed here at Lawneq. This plant sensor includes wireless Bluetooth technology and can sense levels of sunlight, moisture, temperature, and fertilizer in the pots. It gathers the data and then alerts you through your smartphone of the condition of the plants.

Worx AeroCart Wagon Kit

This item allows you to relegate your wheelbarrow to the trash heap of history. It’s an 8 in 1 wonder that serves as a wheelbarrow, yard cart, bag holder, dolly, rock or plant mover and trailer tote. It features two wheels that makes moving up to 200-pounds easier than ever before. The wagon’s fleet-free tires never need re-inflating. And believe it or not, it also includes cup holders.

Reolink Night Vision Camera

Just set this camera up on a tripod and let it show you how your plants are doing in real time. The camera includes fast-forward video so that you can isolate what you see to just the peak of growth moments.

VegiBee Garden Express Plant Pollinator

You never have to rely on bees or other critters to pollinate your garden ever again. This is a vibrating and battery-powered pollinator. It features a varying speed, multiple vibrating wand and rechargeable batteries.

ColdSnap! Frost Alarm App

This tool alerts you to the advent of low temperatures that can threaten your garden so that you have time to cover your plants for protection. This app is Android compatible and customizable and allows you to set the weather source you want the data to come from. It provides global forecasts and permits you to manage as many as four locations.

All of these items are available at Amazon.com.

(Source: familyhandyman.com)

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