How to Fix the Vibration on the String Trimmer Handle

After extended usage, the string trimmer shaft becomes dry. When this happens, it gets quite noisy and starts to vibrate heavily. This can become a major inconvenience, producing significant discomfort and an unsteady cut. You should not use a vibrating trimmer if it is a source of physical discomfort. At the same time, there is no need to throw away your trimmer once it begins vibrating; fixing your trimmer handle is really a simple lawn care procedure. In this post, we cover how to fix the vibration on the string trimmer handle. .

How to remove the string trimmer head

If your string trimmer is producing vibration, one of the most common causes is that your shaft needs to be lubricated. In order to do this, use a wrench to remove the centering screw holding the shaft into place. You also want to loosen the two clamp screws, thereby removing the head. After trimmer’s head is removed, pull the shaft out. Once this is finished, wipe it down with grease and reinsert it. One important note when reinserting it is to make sure that it slides all the way in. After the shaft is settled into place properly,  reattach the screws and tighten the bolts.

When you have secured the screws, check to see if the vibrations in the string trimmer handle have disappeared. It is important to note that this procedure should take care of about ¾ of the shaking that can occur in the handle, so there may be lingering vibration. Still, following these steps should go a long way toward allowing you to trim without feeling any vibrations.





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