Is It Okay To Use Biodiesel Fuel In A Kubota Tractor?

Have you ever considered using biodiesel as a fuel to run your Kubota tractor? With the advent of biodiesel as an alternative to true diesel or gasoline, many people have wondered about it as an alternative fuel for their motor vehicles.

Jars of biodiesel labeled according to their various sources.

It is true that since late 2006, Kubota has approved certain models of their line for running on biodiesel fuel.

The point is you need to be careful when considering biodiesel fuel for your Kubota tractor.

Biodiesel fuel is a combination of vegetable oil or animal fat with alcohol. It is offered as a 100 percent fuel or is blended with petroleum diesel. The 100 percent offering is referred to as B100. The breakdown when mixed with petroleum diesel is:

• 20 percent biodiesel, 80 percent petroleum diesel is labeled B20
• 5 percent biodiesel mixed with 95 percent petroleum diesel is labeled B5.
• 2 percent biodiesel mixed with 98 percent petroleum is labeled B2.

Kubota allows the use of biodiesel fuel concentrations up to 20 percent.

There are a number of issues when using higher blend biodiesel fuel. According to the EMA, there is an assortment of problems associated with higher blends of biodiesel including filter plugging, injector coking, piston ring sticking and breaking, elastomer seal swelling and hardening or cracking, and severe engine lubricant degradation.

Moreover, it is recommended that if you use biodiesel, then you should regularly check the conditions of your tractor’s engine’s seals, hoses, gaskets, and wire coatings.

It is suggested that you check with Kubota to make certain that your tractor is authorized to use biodiesel if you are considering it. Moreover, if you decide to use biodiesel to fuel your Kubota tractor, keep a lot of filters on hand for the fuel system or consider installing a secondary fuel filter. In addition, keep the biofuel warm in the tank if you use your Kubota in sub-zero weather conditions.

Be forewarned that biodiesel does not store well for a long period of time like regular diesel does. Biodiesel absorbs moisture from the air and does not have the additives necessary to prevent clouding and gelling of the fuel in cold weather.

It is advised that you read the Kubota report on the use of biodiesel for a full understanding of the consequences of its use.

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