Kubota SVL Series Track Loader

Kubota Tractor Corporation, based in Grapevine, Texas, has unveiled the Kubota SVL Series track loader. The series includes three models –- the SVL65-2, SVL75-2, and the SVL95-2s.

The Kubota SVL Series track loader is specifically designed to extend the work season into winter. It is a very versatile machine that works in tighter areas, maneuvers easily around residential and commercial areas, and there are a plethora of attachments available for it.

A Kubota liquid-cooled 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine powers the models of the Kubota SVL Series. The engine generates 68.3 gross horsepower for the SVL65-2, 74.3 gross horsepower for the SVL75-2, and 96.4 gross horsepower for the SVL95-2s. The SVL65-2 has a low travel speed of 4.9-mph and a high travel speed of 7.1-mph. The SVL75-2 has a low travel speed of 4.7-mph and a high travel speed of 7.1-mph. The SVL95-2s has a low travel speed of 5.0-mph and a high travel speed of 7.3-mph.

The SVL65-2 has a minimum ground clearance of 9.1-inches. The SVL75-2 has a minimum ground clearance of 11.7-inches. The minimum ground clearance of the SVL95-2s is 11.5-inches.

The Kubota SVL Series includes a number of features designed to enhance productivity and comfort. They include:

  • An Advanced Multifunction Valve that ensures smooth movement of all hydraulic functions when operated simultaneously. It permits drivers of the track load to run the auxiliary hydraulics, bucket, and loader arm functions simultaneously without stalling.
  • Easy-Opening Sliding Front Door that slides up and down to permit a more comfortable entry and exit. The door can be pinned open allowing the machine to be used with the door open. The front door can be opened regardless of the loader position.
  • Load Sensing Closed Center Hydraulics with Parallel Loader Control Valve permits the driver to control loader controls and drive circuits. It gives the machine the capability to simultaneously push, lift and break ground for enhanced productivity.
  • Electric Travel Torque Management System offers more power so that the machine works faster. The machine will not stall out when the loader is pushing or moving heavy loads.
  • Standard 2-Speed Travel And One-Way Self Level allows the driver to shift from low gear to high gear faster. It features one-way hydraulic self-leveling that keeps the bucket or pallet forks in a horizontal position without manually adjusting the angle during lifting.
  • Integrated Mainframe And Undercarriage that is welded so there are no exposed hoses or openings. This ensures a sturdier and more durable machine.
  • Adjustable High Flow permits the driver to operate with multiple hydraulic attachments to pre-set each maximum flow setting.
  • Low Effort Hydraulics Pilot Controls are available that permits the driver to negotiate the loader next to structures and curbs. Different from Electro-Hydraulic Controls, these controls offer maximum feel and precision. There is no need for adjustments or settings.
  • Rugged Loader Arms Design allows for radial and vertical lift operation.
The Kubota SVL Series Track Loader.
Image courtesy of Kubota Tractors.

There are a wide assortment of attachments available for the Kubota SVL Series loader including:

  • Pallet Forks
  • Bale Spears
  • Grapples
  • Post Hole Diggers
  • Skid Cutters
  • Skid Graders
  • Skid Powered Rakes
  • Skid Tillers
  • Stump Grinders
  • Tree/Post Pullers
  • Trenchers
  • Snow Blowers
  • Snow Trip Blades
  • Angle Brooms
  • Dozer Blades
  • Land Pride Performance Matched Attachments and Implements

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