Kubota Unveils BO1 Series Tractors

Kubota Tractor Corporation, located in Grapevine, Texas, has introduced the B01 Series tractor. The series includes the B2301 and the B2601.

According to Kubota, comfort was the top priority when designing these tractors. They include a wide and flat operator’s station that is easy to enter and exit and has plenty of legroom. The modern dash incorporates an easy to read display that offers all the information about the tractor. The ergonomic controls are easy to understand and operate, even for a first time Kubota user.

The dash panel features large, easy-to-read gauges that display the engine’s RPM, temperature and fuel level and the operational platform have plenty of foot room.

The B2601 Kubota tractor.
(Courtesy: Kubota USA)

Cruise control allows the driver to maintain a constant speed without keeping his foot on the pedal.

The models also include a Kubota Treadle Pedal that permits the driver to change speed and direction when moving forward or in reverse. The cab includes a deluxe high back seat with armrest and a tilt steering wheel that can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Rubber floor mats reduce noise and vibration and provides total comfort and decreases fatigue.

The machines are also designed for strength and longevity. They feature strong and durable metal hood and fenders and a Kubota HST 3–range transmission.

A new swift-tach front loader can be removed and reinstalled from the seat of the tractor without tools. A single lever quick coupler ensures an easy and clean connection and disconnection with no hydraulic oil spillage. An optional third-function valve is available for attachments that require hydraulic power.

The B01 tractors come equipped with R14 tires that limit compaction, offers high traction characteristics, and a tread design that increases performance in snow.

The front hitch mates with a variety of implements including blades, brooms and snow blowers.

There are four different size snow blowers available –- 50-inch, 51-inch, 55-inch, and 55-inch; two different size front blades –- 60-inch and 72-inch; and two different rotary sweepers –- 47-inch and 60-inch.

The B01 Series tractors also include the Kubota BH70 backhoe that can be removed without tools. An optional mechanical thumb is available that increases the backhoe’s versatility and makes lifting objects very simple. The backhoe is designed with plenty of dig depth and reach and includes smooth hydraulics cushioning valves that prevent shock when the dipper reaches the end of the cylinder stroke.

Kubota 54-inch and 60-inch mid-mount mower decks are also available as an option. The deck has been designed so that the tractor can be driven over it for easy mounting and dismounting. A rear bagger is available as an option for the mower feature.

An E-TVCS, liquid cooled, 3-cylinder diesel engine with dual paper element, forced lubrication, pressurized radiator and Radial airflow power both the B2301 and B2601 models The engine offers a gross horsepower of 20.9 and a PTO horsepower of 17.5 for the B2301. The gross and PTO horsepowers of the engine for the B2601 is 24.3 and 19.5 respectively.

The overall length of the B2301 is 93.7-inches. The overall width is 45.3-inches. The overall height is 83.9-inches. Ground clearance is 12.0-inches and weight is 1566-lbs.

The overall length of the B2601 is 94-9-inches. The overall width is 49-inches. The overall height is 85.0-inches. Ground clearance is 12.8-inches. The total weight is 1632-lbs.

The wheelbase of both models is 61.4-inches and the turning radius with brake for both is 6.9-inches.

(Source: Kubotausa.com)

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