Lawn Care and Gardening Tools – Part I

Those of you who may be in the market for your first home or who have purchased your first home are probably a little new to the lawn care – gardening game. As a neophyte to the hobby you may not be aware of the essential tools you need to own if you plan to pursue the pastime.

So here are suggestions for tools to acquire to begin.

Lawn Mower

You probably don’t need me to tell you that you will need a lawn mower. However, you may not know how to go about selecting the right one for your needs.

Gas-powered lawn mower. (Courtesy: Greggory Blackhedge)

Gas-powered lawn mower.
(Courtesy: Greggory Blackhedge)

Things you need to keep in mind when visiting a lawn mower dealer is:

· Your budget.
· The size of your lawn.
· How much effort you want to put into it.

If you are willing to invest some muscle power, then you could consider buying a push mower. It is up to you to generate the energy to get the blade to cut the grass. It is a laborious task and somewhat unpleasant during the sweltering days of summer, but caring for your lawn could be a labor of love to you, which is well worth a little discomfort.

The push lawn mowers are the least expensive of the lot. So that can be a little bit of an incentive. However, if you will need to mow a large size lawn, then even if it is a labor of love, it may be too much for you to tackle.

If that’s the case, you should focus on a self-propelled mower, which includes an engine that provides the umph to turn the blade and actually cut the grass.

Of course, if you decide to go with a self-propelled model, you will need to buy gas periodically to work the engine and you need to be aware of how to purge the gas from the tank when winter comes and you store the machine. You should also be aware that some maintenance will be necessary to keep the engine working well.

Before visiting a dealer get a hold of the edition of Consumer Reports that brings you up to speed about the various lawn mowers available and which one is best for you.

You can purchase a mower from any home improvement or hardware store.


You should expect to have to carry a lot of things from plants to bags of fertilizer and peat moss as you endeavor to care for your lawn and garden. A wheelbarrow is the perfect item to tackle the task.

Things to consider when purchasing a wheelbarrow include:

Wheelbarrow (Courtesy: Jeanne and Rick Reed at

(Courtesy: Jeanne and Rick Reed at

· What is it made of?
· Where will you store it?
· Which style is easiest for you to push?

Wheelbarrows are commonly made of plastic or steel. The plastic variety is not very durable and could crack due to the weight it is carrying or cold weather. The plastic wheelbarrows are the lease expensive and may suffice if you don’t intend to carry heavy loads and plan to store it in the garage.

The odds are that the wheelbarrow will be used to carry some heavy loads at least periodically. A steel version can handle the load. Keep in mind, however, that a steel wheelbarrow could rust if stored outside.

There are a number of styles including one or two wheels, straight handle, or bar across the front. Try pushing the various styles at the store so you can determine which one you can maneuver the best. Also keep in mind that the wheelbarrow will be pushed over smooth and bumpy terrain.

Wheelbarrows cost between $30 to more than $100. You can purchase one from a home improvement or hardware store or online. It is suggested that you do some research on the Internet and read some reviews before taking the trip to the store.

A wheelbarrow could be difficult to control when pushed over various terrains. As an alternative. Consider a simple child’s wagon as an alternative.

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