Maintaining Garden Hand Tools

Although it is true that the head of garden hand tools may last forever because it is made of metal or steel, the handle of the tool often needs replacement. The tool head is commonly attached to the handle in one of two ways –- rivets or screws and bolts.

Although the metal head of hand garden tools may last forever, the handle may have to be exchanged for a new one.
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You will need the following tools to exchange an old handle for a new one.

· Screwdriver
· Socket Wrench
· Sockets
· Drill
· Drill Bit
· Screwdriver Drill Bit
· Vice
· Vice Grips
· Wood Screws
· Hacksaw
· Wood File
· Chisel
· Metal Coat Hanger
· Hammer
· Hole Punch

If you discover that the handle needs to be replaced, a new one can be obtained from your neighborhood garden shop or at local hardware stores like a Home Depot or Sears.

Here is the process of exchanging an old handle for a new one on garden hand tools.

1. Find the screw or bolt holding the handle to the metal head. If a rivet is used, then find the rivet head where the handle meets the metal portion of the garden tool.
2. Use an appropriate screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the handle to the head of garden hand tools. Use the socket wrench with the proper socket to remove the bolts in the handle. Unscrew the screw or bolt until you can do it the rest of the way by hand. Set the screw or bolt aside. If the handle is connected via rivets, and you have performed step one, then remove the head of the rivet with a drill or by a hacksaw. To cut off the rivet head using a drill, select the proper size drill bit and put it onto the top of the rivet and drill the rivet out of the handle. If you use a hacksaw, put its blade behind the rivet between it and the joint of the handle with the metal head. Saw the handle off at the joint. File down the rivet head. Use the hammer and hole punch to drive the remaining part of the rivet out of the bottom of the handle.
3. Place the garden tool in the vice where the metal and handle meet with the handle facing you. Tighten the vice.
4. Screw one or two screws into the end of the handle opposite the metal joint, then place the vice grip over the screw or screws. Tighten the vice grip until it is firmly attached to the screw or screws. Pull on the screw or screws with the vice grip to pull out the handle.
5. Use the drill, chisel or metal coat hanger to gouge out the remaining wood from the sleeve. Clean debris completely out of the sleeve.
6. Place the new handle into the metal sleeve. Use the wood file to tweak the handle’s fit so that it is clean. Tap the opposite end of the handle with the hammer to get it firmly into the sleeve. There should be no movement between the sleeve and handle.
7. Drill a hole through the pinhole of the sleeve into the handle completely through to the other side. Carefully back the drill bit out of the hold while the drill is turning.
8. Start a wood screw into the hole by hand. Use the screwdriver to drive the screw into the handle until it can stand upright on its own. Use the drill and screw bit to finish inserting the screw into the handle. The screw head should be flush with the handle.

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