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  • Watering is an essential part of the job of being a gardener. How much and when are questions that novice to experienced gardeners ask themselves often during the growing season.

    There are also issues like […]

  • Spring is just about here and if you are having pest problems in your home, it is the perfect time to fumigate.

    Don’t neglect your foliage when fumigating your home.(Courtesy: Phil King at […]

  • Spring is a good time to buy or sell your home. If you intend to buy, you may discover that you prefer to make some modifications to your new home. I once revisited my old neighborhood and found that many homes […]

  • Novice gardeners may not be aware that flower bulbs need to experience chilling so that they can grow properly. Chilling refers to the requirement that the plant need a dormancy period before it is ready for […]

  • Robert Janis wrote a new post, Bulbs 2 weeks ago

    As the experienced gardener knows, not all plants start out as a cutting or a sprout that you buy from your neighborhood nursery, nor do they just begin as a small seed. Many plants begin as a bulb.

    Some […]

  • If you have a few large trees on your property, then you probably are obsessed with assuring that they are healthy in both the short and long term. Some in the field of horticulture and arboriculture favor the […]

  • We’ve already given some information about the Kubota RTV-XG850, but we have discovered more that we think you should know.

    The Kubota RTV-XG850

    For example, you probably don’t know that Kubota has been off […]

  • As we approach the end of February 2019, a few more punches from old man winter can be expected before spring. As I write this, snow and ice storms are or will be occurring in many sections of the […]

  • Plants need water. It is essential for them. However, just how much is too much and how much is just right? Of course, you can perform the touch test. Simply stick your finger into the soil. That would give you a […]

  • The winter of 2019 has had us contending with ice almost as much as with snow. An ice storm occurs when the air in which the water molecules form in the sky is warm and the layers through which the rain falls is […]

  • If you are an experienced gardener, then you’ve already discovered that strange, unexpected items can be used to fertilize your garden. For example, we have written about milk and fish emulsion as an ideal f […]

  • Many of you probably remember the Love Canal disaster. Love Canal is a neighborhood of homes in Niagara Falls, New York that was constructed over a landfill. It was discovered that the property was massively […]

  • There are all kinds of solutions you can use to fertilize your plants. There are commercial fertilizers available at garden stores and then there are organic fertilizers that can provide the same nutrients that […]

  • As January closes and February 2019 begins you may be able to start planting. Of course, there is a caveat. Where do you happen to live? In some regions of the country, as we prepare to flip our calendars from […]

  • It’s always fun to consider strange gardening hacks and how science explains them. For example, is it true that some species of flora can’t stand to be touched? Or blood or more precisely, blood meal is good for […]

  • Depending on the topography of the landscape around your home adding a wall may be a good option. There are many types of wall designs that blend into your landscape from rock to cement.

    One style is called a […]

  • Some among us worry about a coming disaster after which we will need to sustain ourselves and not rely on others to deliver what we need. Most of us may not fear a coming disaster, but still want to be prepared […]

  • Anyone who has been gardening for any length of time knows that there are several different methods to the activity. You can grow plants in the ground, in containers, in gutter systems, and using hydroponics. […]

  • It appears that gardening has become a thing to do for Millennials. According to Garden Research, an organization that was once part of the National Gardening Association, discovered in a national survey in 2018 […]

  • There are times when life can be weird. There are also times when gardening can be weird, too.

    Consider these weird gardening tricks next time you refine your garden.

    Use Cola To Help Azaleas Grow

    1) […]

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