Why are There So Many Options of Various Lawn Tractors and Equipment?

options lawn mowerChoosing from all the available options for lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and equipment for lawn use can be a mind-boggling chore. When it comes to riding mowers alone, there are an incredible number of options out there. So what do the lawn mower companies think about when they are creating specific units with different options, and how should you look at them when you are debating your next mower purchase?

Commercial versus Residential

The first question to ask is if a unit is aimed at the commercial market or the residential market. A unit aimed at the commercial market is meant for landscapers, contractors, and groundskeepers, and may not have some of the comforts or technology that a residential user may want. Commercial units need to be as durable yet as simple as possible, with minimal, easy-to-access parts that landscapers can maintain on heir own. Residential units will have convenience options, like suspension seats, electric clutches, and powered lift decks.

Terrain Types

Different types of terrain may require different types of equipment on your tractor. Incredibly rough, uneven terrain may require a four-wheel drive mower or tractor, while a flat lot will need to special considerations. A lawn with lots of gardens and cut-outs may need something with better steering capabilities, such as a zero-turn mower, while a large expanse of grass with nothing to cut around will only need a fast, powerful mower that can help to eliminate time spent mowing.

Lawn Sizes

Simply put, big mowers are for big lawns. Wide-deck mowers are designed for large lawns where ground may be covered at high speeds, while smaller decks are made for smaller lawns and lower speeds. Running a mower made for small yards at high speeds over a large yard will result in poor cut quality, while running a mower made for large yards over a small yard is just overkill, and likely a waste of money and fuel.

Other Usage

Some units are made specifically for mowing, and are fairly useless for any other activities. They won’t have hitches, PTO shafts, or front ends with the possibility to drop n weights or hook u pieces of equipment. If all you need out of your lawn equipment is to mow, then these are what you’re looking for. Your lawn mowers and tractors may be used for much, much more, and you will need to consider that – from hauling with a trailer to plowing snowy driveways, thin about year-round usage and what you will will need it to be able to do.

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