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This is a time of the year when we at, lawn mower parts, come to a standstill for a moment and reflect on the events of the past year, to utter words of gratitude for the blessings we received and to set goals for the new year.

We would like to take this time to give thanks to you our customers. It has always been our company policy that has now become a tradition to offer the best quality lawn mower parts and accessories available at reasonable costs. But above all, we want to keep our customers satisfied with our service. The length of time we have been in this business taught us a valuable wisdom that more than the exchange of goods and money, is about fostering great relationships. Great relationship in the sense that outside business matters or commercial transactions, we have somethings in common that we can talk and smile about with all the people we met.

For over 40 years, Bahrns Equipment ( has been conducting business practices that were based on our strong set of values that put the interest of our customers above and beyond our own. But more important than the length of time we have been in business is the number of customers who have become our close friends after all these years. It does feel great to know that we are still faithful with the values we have stablished when we first started out.

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For this year 2013, it is our goal to continue with our tradition of great customer satisfaction with our service and lawn mower parts products. We want to continue creating and building great relationships with our customers and all the people we will encounter this year. We will also continue to update, complete and widen our product stocks to be readily available upon our customers’ request.

Again, we want to thank you, our friends, for blessing us for the past years. We are always finding ways to reciprocate your goodness by providing genuine service in our dealings with you. We do hope that, in one way or the other, we have done you good deeds that go beyond customer encounter but more of dealing between friends.

We wish all of you a prosperous year 2013!

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