Snow And Your Lawn

Should you be concerned about snow on your lawn? (Courtesy: James Bowe of

Concerned about snow and ice on your lawn? Read on.
(Courtesy: James Bowe of

Here we go again. The weather is changing and with it comes snow, ice, and cold winds. Is snow and ice bad for your lawn? Not totally. You may not be aware that snow cover of about 4-inches or more during freezing temperatures provides insulation and protects plants, grass and their roots from the cold air and drying freeze conditions.

Snow is a good thing for the lawn during the dormant winter months. It is also beneficial for the underground water table. That’s because melting snow replenishes the water. This acts as a moisture reserve during the hot dry summer months.

The cold freezing temperatures and the wind is another story when it comes to snow and your lawn. These natural elements can damage the lawn like freezer burn damages meat. Too much cold air can create a deep frost line below the ground. It actually freezes the life out of young, not yet established fall plants. It can also cause mold that can damage grass and must be removed.

We at Lawneq have written articles on mold in your lawn as well as on other winter issues that can present problems for a dormant lawn and bare garden. Take a look and see what you can do to prevent the worst for your lawn during the winter.

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