How to Change the Starter Rope on a Trimmer

Changing the starter rope on a trimmer requires some careful maneuvering, but there is no reason why you can’t accomplish this task by yourself. In this post, we offer a detailed explanation of how to change the starter rope.


Inspect center hub

After you have your trimmer disassembled, inspect the center hub. Do not be alarmed if the spring comes unwound. If the starter housing has been bent, this indicates that you might have been pulling to the end of the string rather than to the end of the rope. Take the spring out of the hub, but make sure not to lubricate the inside. Once you have your new spring, place it into its slot in the hub and push downward, locking it into place. Make sure that the spring is just outside of the center post. At this point, it is also wise to inspect that the center post itself is not damaged.

Insert rope

Once the spring is in place, install the rope. Wind up the rope, lining it up so that the rope goes through its slot. The rope should be installed so that it fits through its allotted hole. Once it is in place, put the screw back in. At this point, everything should look finished. However, it is a good idea to check and make sure that the rope coils properly.  Set the spring tension just tight enough to rewind all of the rope.  Take care to ensure that there is not too much tension on the spring.  If everything is reasonably tension-free, you know that you starter rope is good to go.

Your trimmer won’t start if the starter rope needs to be changed. Following these steps will get your trimmer back in working condition. For a visual demonstration of how to change the starter rope, you should by all means watch the LawnEQ YouTube video on the subject.


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