Which Safety Features Should You Buy?

On this blog, we talk a great deal about lawn mower safety, and with good reason; improper lawn mower maintenance and mowing technique can result in any number of serious injuries. At the same time, it is also important to acknowledge the fact that many developments have been made in recent years with regard to lawn mower safety. Lawn mowers now come with safety features that were unimaginable years ago, and drivers are at less risk for injury than ever before. When looking to purchase a new mower, it is crucial that you make sure that your mower comes with the most recent safety features; in this post, we discuss the necessary safety features and how they protect you while mowing.

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Lawn Mowers Have More Safety Features than Ever Before

Common safety features

Three of the most common safety features found in today’s lawn mowers are handle levers, back flaps, and blade brake control. The handle lever is self-explanatory; it consists of a lever the is attached to the handle and must be clasped in order for the mower to run. The handle lever is useful as it ensures that the engine pauses when you release control of the mower. Meanwhile, the back flap ensures that objects from inside the mower do not come flying toward the operator while mowing. In addition, the back flap protects the feet of the operator from entering the inside of the mower—this is particularly handy in mitigating the propensity for foot and leg injuries. Finally, the blade brake control is useful in that it stops the blade in the event that the operator lets go of the mower. An additional safety feature that is included in some mowers is a protective covering that guards against the especially hot parts of the mower.

Riding mower safety features

Many riding mowers come with ignition cutoff switches, which are useful in ensuring that when the operator leaves the seat, the mower turns off. It is also common for riding mowers to come with optional wheel weights, which enhance stability and traction. In order to ensure driver stability while riding, riding mowers also often set a minimum of 4.5 inches for driver seat height.

Pay attention to labels

This goes without saying, but make sure to pay attention to any labels that are placed on your mower—for example, all mowers now have warning labels informing operators to keep their hands and feet away from the chute. Labels exist for a reason and will ensure that you practice proper safety protocol.

Lawn mower safety features are indispensable in protecting users from harm. In addition to operating safely, make sure that your mower comes with all of the applicable safety features discussed in this post.


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