Which Time of Day is Best to Mow?

Figuring out the best time of day to mow your lawn is a tricky endeavor. The fact of the matter is that the act of mowing is incredibly violent and difficult for your lawn to take. Each time a lawn is cut, the grass experiences a good deal of pain. For this reason, deciding on the best time of day to mow basically comes down to which time of day will not hurt your lawn the most. Below, we discuss the most optimal time to mow, while also discussing the negatives associated with mowing at sub-optimal periods.

When Should You Mow?

Morning: Don’t tear up your grass

Mowing in the morning can be tempting, if for no other reason that you want to avoid mowing during the heat of the day. That said, there are clear reasons why mowing in the morning is not the best way to go. First, when the grass is damp from the morning dew the blades get negatively impacted while grass gets clogged up in the mower deck. Mowing on wet ground can also make it so that the soil gets overly compacted, and mowing while it is still wet can also have the unfortunate consequence of spreading lawn disease. Basically, the only way that you can get away with mowing in the morning is if you live in a dry climate where there is no morning dew.

Midday mowing: Give grass a break

Mowing in the middle of the day is really no better than mowing during the morning and certainly not the best time of day to mow. Simply put, the middle of the day is when your grass is at its most vulnerable. The sun takes a major toll on grass, so when you mow during the middle of the day you overheat your lawn and tear up the grass while it is already in a difficult position.

Late afternoon and early evening: Best time of day to mow

The best time to mow is after the heat of the day but before nighttime. This is because the morning dew has already disappeared, while the sun’s intensity is less pronounced. Your grass will not get torn up due to the absence of moisture, while the cooler temperatures keep the lawn from overheating. Mowing during the early evening makes it so that the grass can acclimate itself before it has to face the sun the next day, as you give your grass ample time to recover from the mowing.

Sometimes, schedules get in the way and it is impossible to avoid mowing during the late afternoon. However, this post has discussed why you should do everything in your power to try and mow during the evening–the best time of day to mow. Mow after the heat of the day and before nighttime arrives in order to keep your lawn growing healthy and free of disease.

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