Why a Brush Chipper May Be Worth It

In earlier posts, we’ve discussed the many benefits of mulching and composting. Both are terrific ways of improving and protecting your soil, and you should absolutely set up a compost bin and invest in a mulching mower. In a separate post, we also discussed the many benefits of owning a chainsaw. However, one lawn care tool that is more commonly ignored is the brush chipper. People are quick to label it as a piece of professional equipment that is simply out of reach for the average lawn owner, and this is unfair. Depending on the size of your yard and the number of trees that you remove, it can be an indispensable lawn care tool that will save you time and money while also protecting the environment. It will improve your soil quality, and you can use the wood chips for compost. Below, we offer some basic considerations to bear in mind when looking into purchasing a brush chipper.


Is a Brush Chipper Right for You?


What to consider when looking into a brush chipper

First and foremost, when considering whether to invest in a brush chipper you will have to consider the size of your yard and the number of trees that you will be chipping. Even though the brush chipper is a heavy-duty piece of equipment, it is important to remember that it probably will not be sufficient for yards that are greater than 5 acres. However, if you have a smaller yard with lots of trees, the brush chipper should work wonderfully.

Which brush chipper should you buy?

The exact type of brush chipper to purchase should depend on the size of your lawn. That said, one model that works great for most lawns is the Toro BC-25. This brush chipper fits through a standard gate and contains many handy features. It uses a gravity-feed system and also contains a mulch detangle system. Meanwhile, the replaceable cutter block will keep the brush chipper working great over the long haul. Safety features include long feed tables that give healthy distance between you and the machine, as well as an emergency stopping device.

Safety concerns of the brush chipper

As with any piece of powerful lawn equipment, there are safety concerns for handling a brush chipper. Be sure to clean your yard beforehand in order to prevent a collision between your chipper and lawn debris. Also, wear eye protection, globes, long pants, and a jacket.

If you regularly have a lot of trees that need to be processed, investing in a brush chipper will save you the expense of hiring a professional. Take a good, hard look at purchasing a brush chipper—mulch is good for the environment and for your lawn, and owning your own brush chipper is the easiest way to turn dead trees into mulch that’s great for your lawn.


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