Why Use A Land Pride Aerator?

A farmer can’t afford for his pasture to turn dry and become compact with baked hard soil. Such a condition will cause rainwater to runoff. The ideal condition for a pasture is to be aerated during the rainy season so that the rain can be absorbed into the ground.

An aerated pasture.

A Land Pride Aerator is designed to till the soil so that it will absorb the rainfall and prepare the ground to take on plants or crops.

Aeration is just as important on a lawn. The result of a well-aerated yard is greener and better grass. It prevents water and fertilizer runoff and assures a well-watered lawn that can resist drought. Moreover, ground that can absorb water well assures that lawn mower clippings decompose and put nutrients back into the soil.

Land Pride offers the AR25 Series Pasture Aerator for these occasions. The AR2596 and AR2510 feature tines that slices slots into the ground up to 8-inches deep to allow rainfall to sink down into the root zone. This permits plants to grow to their fullest and creates a denser vegetation and a stronger root system.

The AR25 Series Aerators include tines that have a twist so they can lift up the soil and fracture it sideways. The advantage of this is that more water gets down to the root system of the crop and that helps increase yield because the roots can grow with less resistance.

If, for some reason, you have to wait a while to aerate your soil and pasture, Land Pride suggests that you use concrete blocks to give the Land Pride aerator the weight to penetrate the soil deeper. You’d be surprised at what blocks that are 740 lbs. each and up to three of them on a 96-inch unit or four on a 10-foot unit will do.

Now there are some that say that spoons of an aerator should be three-quarters of an inch. Land Pride Aerators use half-inch spoons due to the extensive amount of research performed by the company’s Research and Development Department. During testing, it was discovered that the half-inch spoons penetrate the ground better with less weight than the three-quarter inch spoons. In some compacted soils, the three-quarter-inch spoons needed more weight to achieve the same result as the half-inch spoons. Moreover, the beveled edges of the half-inch spoons penetrate the ground easier than the larger spoons.

Don’t take aerating for granted.

(Source: Land Pride.com)

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