10 Plants That Rid Your Property of Bugs

In previous articles, I have discussed how to repel bugs using homemade sprays. If you don’t want to take the time to make such concoctions, but you want the same results, then there are various plants that you can plant on your property that will do the trick.

Here are 10 examples of plants that repel bugs. Moreover, some have the extra benefit of providing flavoring for meals you may want to cook for consumption at outdoor parties.

1. Petunias. Not only are these plants visually beautiful, they are ideal for repelling squash bugs, beetles, and aphids. An ideal place to put them is near your vegetable garden or in a window box.

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2. Basil. This plant includes oil that kills mosquito eggs. Best results are achieved when you plant it in pots near gathering areas. They will repel flies and mosquitoes. An additional benefit is that it can be used to flavor pesto.

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3. Marigolds. Farmers commonly use this plant to keep bugs away. It is an ideal flora for ridding your property of mosquitoes and aphids.

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4. Lavender. Although us humans love the scent of lavender and it can be used to help insomniacs to sleep, flies, moths, and mosquitoes are absolutely disgusted by the smell. Plant it in a garden or place a few bouquets around to get rid of the bugs.

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5. Rosemary. This is an ideal plant to rid your property of mosquitoes and will also help protect your vegetable garden against a bug infestation.

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6. Mint. This, as well as lemon balm, repels biting insects. It is suggested that you plant mint in pots because otherwise, it may spread.

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7. Catnip. This plant contains nepetalactone, a substance that attracts cats but repels bugs.

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8. Chrysanthemums. This plant includes pyrethrins, a substance used in commercial insect repellants. It is ideal for chasing away mosquitoes, roaches, beetles, ticks, and silverfish.

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9. Alliums. This specie of plant includes chives, leeks, onions, garlic, scallions, and shallots. They grow tall and feature purple, white or pink flowers. They repel slugs, flies, and worms, but they attract moths. Be warned that these plants can be toxic for dogs and cats.

(Courtesy: Photo Momma8 at flickr.com)

10. Lemongrass. This flora contains citronella causing a citrus scent. Although it too helps repel bugs, it needs a lot of sun and thrives in the summer.

(Courtesy: Mani Bhaskar at flickr.com)

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