Garden Tips For April 2019

Finally, spring has sprung and gardeners probably want to knock off the rust on their green thumbs and start pursuing gardening chores once again. There are a number of things to focus on at this time of the year.

Spring has sprung at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
(Courtesy: Ola Doubravova at
Spring has sprung at Brooklyn’s Botanical Garden

(Courtesy: Ola Doubravova at

Your first pursuit is to check your spring gardening to do lists and do what still needs to be done. If you haven’t begun your early spring pursuits, then it is time to start.

The Garden Tips List of To Do’s include:

  • Removing moss, weeds and green algae. Creating a mix of dissolved washing soda crystals in hot water and using it along with a brush on paths and patios will remove the green algae.
  • Use the organic methods we have been supplying to you in past articles to rid your new plant shoots of slugs.
  • Lightly rake and fork over the fine tilled ground and remove stones and weeds to prepare seedbeds.
  • Remove any dead stems, leaves, and other debris on the border areas of your garden and involve as much organic matter as possible into the soil. That can be achieved using mulch on top of the bare soil. Spread 5cm deep of the stuff and spread before the soil dries out. Firm up the soil around plants that have risen due to thawing and freezing conditions.
  • Transplant shrubs and trees the moment the soil is pliable and before buds swell or break open.
  • Divide and transplant summer perennials and fertilize after they have established.
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs and tubers including gladiola, lilies, and dahlias. Plant more bulbs every couple of weeks until mid June to assure a longer flowering.
  • Check plants growing against the house walls and under eaves and tall evergreens to assure they have adequate moisture. Spreading organic matter around the plants will assure water retention.
  • Mix ornamental grasses among your shrubs and perennials.
  • Plant primroses and pansies.
  • Prune Jasmine, Honeysuckle, fruit trees, and roses.
  • Start feeding roses all-purpose fertilizer or manure.
  • Remove green stems from multicolored shrubs so that the shrubs won’t revert to green.

If you have a pond, April is the time to check the pumps and filters to assure they are operating properly. Install new aquatic plants in the pond. The new plants will offer food and shelter for the animals that are hosted in the pond. Make sure that there are enough oxygenating plants in the pond to prevent the development of algae.

April is also a good time to go on pest watch duty. Your garden tips list should say, check for aphids and if they’re present spray a solution of crushed garlic and water to get rid of them. Explore for lily beetles and if you see them, pick off and squash them. Observe for slugs and snails and do whatever necessary to eradicate them.

If you want a good scent to your garden, garden tips urge to plant sage, parsley, thyme, fennel, and rosemary. Not only will they enhance the smell, they will be available to spice up your cooking.

Finally, you may not be aware that Good Friday is the traditional day to plant potatoes. Be sure to spread a good amount of manure and weed free to help them establish.


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