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If you are a nut about your garden, then you’re going to want access to information pertaining to gardening 24 hours a day. The best way to achieve this is to load your smartphone with gardening apps. That’s right! If you are a gardening fanatic, then there’s an app for that.

First, let’s take a look at apps that assist you in taking advantage of nature.

Of course, keeping track of the ebbs and flows of nature is essential for anyone who is raising a garden whether it is a prizewinner or not. Some of the top apps in this category include:

  • The Weather Channel. There are versions available for iOS or Android operating systems. So you should be able to use it on just about any smartphone. This particular app helps you keep track of weather issues – sun, rain, and frost. The app also has the ability to forecast, which should be help if you’re in a region where the weather changes every few minutes.
  • Sun Surveyor Lite This app also comes in iOS or Android operation systems. So you will find a match to your phone. This app is perfect for gardeners who are obsessed with the amount of sun their garden gets. This app predicts the sun’s position throughout the day.
  • Sprout It. This app provides information on such things as when to plant. It helps you select the proper seeds to use based on the climate of your region. It gives such information as when to plant and other advice. It’s an ideal tool for the seasoned or neophyte gardener.
  • Gardenate. When this app is engaged, it asks you to enter your zip code. Once provided, the app is set to your climate zone and offers you a list of recommended plants that will experience the best results in your particular region. It also suggests ways to care for plants and provides you with access to an online community of gardeners who can give you advice and support as well as a sympathetic person with whom you can share your personal gardening stories.
  • Bugs In The Garden. This app helps you identify pests in your garden.
  • ColdSnap! Frost Alarm. This app is available only for Android users now. It alerts you when a plant-killing frost or low temperatures are about to occur.

There are also apps that serve as guides to gardening. These include:

  • Gardening Reference Guide. Also called the Landscapers Companion, this app is a complete reference source with information on pests, and planting times. There are also facts about trees, shrubs, and plant species.
  • Landscaper’s Companion. This app contains details on more than 25,000 plants including information on desired sun exposure, growth rate, height, bloom times, and water usage.

If you are interested in cultivating a vegetable garden, then you may want to consider these apps.

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