Homemade Mosquito Remedies

A mosquito can be a real nuisance during summer gatherings outdoors.
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There are probably as many homemade remedies to rid your yard of mosquitos, as there are mosquitos.

Well, that may be a major exaggeration. However, there certainly are a lot of them. Here are some that you may want to try. I would suggest that you experiment with each until you find the remedy you like the best.

1. Mosquito Yard Spray
Items you will need for this concoction include:

• A big bottle of blue mouthwash
• 3 cups of Epsom Salt
• 3 cans or bottles of stale 12 oz. beer


• Mix the ingredients together until the salt dissolves

• Spray wherever you have observed mosquitos twice each summer

2. Natural Mosquito Repellent
Items you will need for this potion include:

• 8 ounces of water
• 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract
• 1 tablespoon of orange oil


• Mix together
• Spray liberally around your yard

3. Mosquito Trap
Items you will need to make the trap include:

• 1 cup of hot water
• ¼ cup of brown sugar
• 1 gram of yeast
• 1 or 2-liter bottle


• Cut the plastic bottle in half
• Mix the brown sugar with the hot water.
• Let cool.
• Pour into the bottom half of the bottle
• Add the yeast, but there is no need to mix. This part of the potion makes carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitoes.
• Place the funnel portion of the bottle upside down into the other half of the bottle and tape them together.
• Wrap the bottle with something black and leave the top uncovered.
• Place your creation at a place outside away from normal gathering areas.
• Change the solution every two weeks for continuous control.

The mosquitos will be attracted to the trap and get caught inside.

4. Mason Jar Mosquito Repellent
Items you will need for this repellent include:

• 1 to 2 lemon wedges
• 1 to 2 lime wedges
• Two sprigs of Rosemary
• Water
• 7 to 10 drops of lemon Eucalyptus
• Floating tea candle
• Mason jar


Put the ingredients into the Mason jar, add water and place the floating tea candle on top. It is suggested that you whip this up and place outdoors where you and your family and/or friends will gather 5 minutes before.

5. Mosquito Spray
Items you will need for this spray include:

• 16-ounce bottle
• 15 drops of lavender oil
• 3 to 6 tablespoons of vanilla extract
• ½ cup of lemon juice


• Put ingredients into the bottle
• Fill the bottle with water
• Shake
• Spray

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