Lawn and yard inspiration on Pinterest

I just love browsing Pinterest for lawn and garden ideas. If you’re looking for lawn and yard inspiration on pinterest, it’s easy! You don’t have to be a member, you can browse for free, but if you want to pin some of these great ideas to your own pinboard, you’ll need an account. Just type your search phrase into the search box at the top of the site. Here are some of my favorites I’ve found lately.

A friend of mine saw this idea on Pinterest, found herself a pallet and made one! It’s a great, space saving way to grow herbs in a small area.

Source: Wood Pallet Herb #Garden on Pinterest.

And how about these gorgeous raised beds? I love how easy it makes weeding, you can just perch on the edge instead of bending over and breaking your back for hours.

Source: Raised beds on Pinterest.

Here’s another inspiring raised bed idea — these look really easy to make, just simple (and cheap!) 2x4s.

Source: Easy raised beds on Pinterest.

I think this idea is so brilliant! Rake with cut off tubes for pre-measured row spacing.

Source: Trick for perfect row spacing in the garden. on Pinterest.

Keep all kinds of critters out of your garden beds by making these great DIY garden nets.

Source: Protect your harvest on Pinterest.

When I saw this great idea on Pinterest, we decided to see if we could make one ourselves. Though ours didn’t turn out quite as fancy, it was cheap and effective. We love our fire pit in our back yard.

Source: DIY Fire Pit on Pinterest.

Here’s how mine turned out:

Chicken-dogs over the fire

Such great fun!

I think these stepping stones are so great! Check out the tutorial, because you can dig them into the grass, so you can mow right over them.

Source: Make leaf stepping stones on Pinterest.

Save money and the earth by creating seedling cups out of newspaper. You can plant the whole cup and it simply disintegrates and helps nourish the earth.

Source: Eco-friendly seedling cups out of newspaper on Pinterest.

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