Removing A Tree Stump From Your Lawn

Trees are a major element in adding splendor, beauty, and shade to a property. However, over time a tree may have to be cut down due to disease or a misfortunate mishap due to extreme weather. When that occurs you also have to deal with the stump that remains.

tree stump.
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There are a plethora of methods to rid a tree stump from your property. This can include using natural means such as boiling water or ingredients you may have in the cupboard of your kitchen. It’s really up to you which method you choose.

One way to do the trick is to use bleach. The bleach method takes about four steps.

Tools you will need to perform the project include:

· Cordless Drill
· Bleach

1. Drill from five to 10 deep holes in the top of the tree stump with the cordless drill. The actual number of holes you need to drill depends on the size of the stump. Drill the holes randomly around the top of the stump.
2. Fill each hole with bleach. To assure that you use enough, allow the bleach to spill out of the hole. However, try to prevent the bleach from getting on any vegetation that surrounds the stump.
3. Fill the holes with bleach every day for a week or until the stump starts to rot.
4. Once the stump is soft, simply dig it out from the ground to remove it.

There are several ways to permit Mother Nature to do away with the tree stump. One method involves cutting the stump down to the ground. Another method calls for the use of boiling water. A third method is to block sunlight from reaching the stump. A fourth method is to use Epsom salt.

Much effort is required to cut or dig the stump out of the ground. Tools you will need to perform the job include:

· Saw
· Drill
· Shovel

Use a saw or some other cutting or drilling device to trim down the stump as close to the ground as possible. This will speed up the decaying process and the stump will decompose naturally.

You could simply dig the stump out using a shovel. However, this process can be difficult especially if the stump has deep roots.

A natural method to perform the chore is to wrap plastic or other material around the stump to block sunlight from getting to it. This will stop the development of the root and the stump will die gradually. Be aware, however, that this method of stump removal will take a bit of time.

You can use a drill with a 1-inch or larger bit. Drill into the stump the full length of the bit to break it up. This will permit moisture to enter in and rot it out.

You can also dig around the base of the stump until the root ball is exposed.

Items you can use to remove a stump that you might find in your kitchen cupboard include rock or Epsom salt. In the case of rock salt, drill 1-inch holes on the top and side of the stump and fill with rock salt. The rock salt works as a natural root killer. If you are dealing with a small stump, you can pour the rock salt directly around the stump. However, take care not to get the salt on plants that might be growing around it.

Epsom salt is an ideal product for both helping plants grow and killing a tree stump. The substance contains magnesium and sulfur. If you use a large quantity of it, it will kill the stump. Drill a few 10-inch deep holes on the sides and top of the stump and fill the holes with a mixture of 100% Epsom salt and water. Cover the stump and leave it. It will die within two to three months.

Boiled water can also be used to remove stumps. Drill holes into the stump and expose the root and pour the water in the holes and on the roots. Boiling water shocks the root system and keeps them saturated. Do this daily or every other day until the stump rots.

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