How To Clean Snow Blower

Part II: Cleaning The Gas Tank

Of course, the gas tank is an essential part of any lawn care power equipment that depends on gasoline to actually power the product. A gas tank that is clogged with dirt and debris can prove to be an obstruction in getting any work done blowing snow from walkways, pathways, driveways and curbs.

Problems that can occur if your snow blower’s gas tank is filled with debris is a clogged fuel line and this can cause the engine of the machine to shutoff. The engine cuts off because it isn’t getting enough fuel or it is getting fuel, but it’s getting it inconsistently. This causes engine sputtering or cut the engine off altogether.

It is advised that you don’t run the engine of the blower when it’s sputtering. The engine could be damaged.

Fixing The Problem

No doubt, many of you who have experienced this issue with a snow blower have reached for the carburetor cleaner. Yes, you can clean the tank with a carb cleaner as long as there is a carburetor included in your machine. The carburetor mixes the proper amount of air and fuel so that the engine works as it’s supposed to.

If using carb cleaner in your tank, spray a good amount to at least swish it round some. Let the substance sit for several hours so that it can dissolve gummy deposits and then rinse the tank a few times with paint thinner to evacuate anything that the car cleaner was able to dissolve.

A good way to relief a good part of this snow blower problem at the outset is to do something about it at the end of the winter. When it’s time to put the snow blower to bed, it is essential that you always remove the fuel from the tank, even if the gas is stabilized. So prior to putting the blower away for the season, run the engine until all of the gas has been consumed.

If the snow blower has been sitting idle and has not been used and you wish to clean the fuel tank. Over time the tank will accumulate a greasy substance. Ask a friend to help in the process. He can hold the tank up. If you can’t find a friend to help, suspend the tank with heavy-duty bungee cords. When setting up, be certain that you can turn and shake the tank. Pour in a gallon or two of acetone into the tank and swish it around vigorously.

Toro Snow Blower
Photo courtesy of Toro. Bahrns Equipment is an authorized Toro Dealer.

Other things you can put into the gas tank to clean it out include a hose. Remove the fuel pump from the tank to avoid residual debris from falling into the tank. Insert a plain garden hose into the fuel tank and allow a steady stream of clean hot water to run through the tank. While the tank is filling with water, spray a mild detergent into it. You can use a brush to loosen debris from the sides of the tank if the tank opening allows for it.


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