Technological Novelties For Gardeners

There is always the impulse to make good products better. That is true for anything in life including gardening. A good gardener can become a great one with the help of these inventions.

Here are some technological novelties for gardeners that could help you enjoy the hobby just a little bit more.



In a previous article in Lawneq, we discussed Hydroponic gardening. This product allows a novice to enjoy Hydroponic gardening without the hassles. This technological novelty for gardeners is Called Miracle-Gro’s Aerogarden. it needs no dirt to serve as a vessel for a plant. Obviously, it is more expensive than most pots you might find in the gardening section of a Home Depot; the Aerogarden offers the ability to grow plants faster.


This product is a sensor that reads the condition of the soil and wirelessly transmits data to your smartphone. It is an ideal item for beginning gardeners who have somewhat of a fear of accidentally killing their plants. With this device, there is little if no chance that will occur.

Digital Pot

It is a pot with a digital interface that offers updates on the condition of the plant being grown inside. It features a USB interface that ascertains whether the temperature, soil, humidity levels or water content is causing danger to your plant.

Digital pot.

PlantSense Garden Gro Sensor

This product is a USB stake that records data when placed in soil. Plug it into a computer and it will indicate whether you need to adjust some element of the care you are giving the plant it monitors.

Garden Compass Plant And Disease Identifier

Outdoor plants are susceptible to disease and predators. This app notifies a team of horticultural experts who can diagnose what is plaguing your plant and provide you with information in combatting it.


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