The Dangers of Mowing Tall Grass

As we move into summer, tall grass becomes an increasingly greater problem. For one thing, your grass is finally growing again, so if you neglect your lawn for a few weeks, you will certainly be dealing with tall grass. In addition, those of you who have summer homes may be faced with mowing tall grass prior when you first arrive at the start of the season. In this post, we review some of the dangers of tall grass, and provide some helpful instruction in the event that you find yourself tasked with mowing grass that has gotten out of hand.

tall grass

Tall Grass Hides Toys and Debris

What are the consequences of tall grass?

Tall grass poses a whole litany of problems, not only relating to the health of your lawn but also with regard to safety. Tall grass is a breeding ground for bugs and snakes. Also be mindful that more serious insects, such as fleas, tics, and rats tend to appear when grass gets overly high. It is also important to be mindful of the fact that tall grass can really compromise lawn mowing safety. When you mow grass that’s gotten overly high, it is all too easy to miss objects and your mower can inadvertently run over hidden debris. This issue clarifies the importance of cleaning debris off your lawn before mowing, a necessary ritual that is too often neglected. Another safety concern involves terrain. If you are mowing tall grass, it makes it much more difficult to get an accurate sense of the ground and you may find yourself tripping over holes, divots, or other such unsteady terrain. Obviously, this last consideration is less of an issue if you are already well-acquainted with your lawn, but it is just another reason why you need to take tall grass seriously.

How should you cut tall grass?

Mowing tall grass is a delicate procedure. You want to mow as much as possible, but you don’t want to take so much off that you hurt your lawn’s growth. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t take more than 1/3 off at once or you will seriously injure the future growth of your grass. In addition, it is important to remember that grass really shouldn’t get taller than 2 ½ inches or it qualifies as “tall grass.” This way, you won’t have to mow more than once to do a complete job, and grass won’t build up under your mower.

Mowing tall grass is a real annoyance since it poses safety threats and you should only cut about 1/3 of it at once. For these reasons, prevent tall grass by mowing frequently. A well-kept lawn is a more handsome lawn, so preventing tall grass will save you time in the long run and prevent your lawn from becoming the envy of the neighborhood.

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