The Lawn Mower versus The Lawn Trimmer

Depending on the size of your lawn,  you may have grappled with whether to purchase a trimmer or a weed whacker. Obviously, everyone needs a mower, but not everyone needs a trimmer. It is true that they basically perform the same general task of cutting grass. However, there are major differences that you should keep in mind when deciding on whether to spring for a trimmer. Here we discuss some of the major differences between the two. We also provide some details you need to consider if you are on the fence about buying a trimmer.

The obvious difference between a mower and a trimmer is that, the trimmer is trimmer. It’s not nearly as bulky, making it much easier to store. At the same time, trimmers present a real paradox. They may be slimmer than a mower, but operating one is far more physically taxing. While most trimmers are not especially heavy, they can be difficult to use because you need to be fit enough to maneuver them. With a mower, the most you have to do is push. Meanwhile, with a trimmer you have to do all of the heavy lifting.

When deciding whether to purchase a trimmer, you need to take stock of the dimensions and structure of your lawn. A trimmer is basically a luxury accessory, and you should never use it to mow vast stretches of grass. The blade is very sharp. However, because you’re operating it by hand, you’ll never be able to get an even cut by mowing with your trimmer. Instead, a trimmer should be saved for the tricky stretches of grass that are too difficult for your mower. These include trimming the grass surrounding trees or trimming your hedges. In the end, if your lawn is just an empty plot of grass, you probably don’t need a trimmer. That said, if you have trees and tricky areas, a trimmer is well worth the investment.



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