Weird Garden Tips And Why They Work

Life isn’t always how you expect it to be. Sometimes a thing occurs that is out of routine and surprises the heck out of you.

There are a number of surprising things that affect a garden. Weird tricks gardeners use can prove to be a major benefit to the survival of your plants. Then there are weird things about the plants themselves that require you to take a little more time nurturing them.

For example, there are sensitive plants including gardenias and Mimosa Pudica (aka Humble Plant) that react to touch. Some react well and others may actually die. A slight poke or a well intention splash of water can bruise the petals of the delicate flora.

Ecologists who were collecting measurements of plants were surprised when half of the plants they were studying were dying. After consulting each other they concluded that the touching of the plant to collect the data might be causing the problem.

As a result, the researchers performed an experiment in which they systematically stroked different types of weeds to simulate what they did when collecting data from plants. They discovered that when one variety of plant was stroked it became more prone to insect attacks compared to the same specie of plant that was not stroked.

Another variety of plant that was stroked was more resistant to insect attack then the same variety of plant that was not stroked.

A copper penny in the bottom of a vase of flowers can serve as a fungicide and protect against fungus or bacteria invasion.
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The scientists concluded that the stroking and prodding of plants cause them to release chemicals that either attract or repel bugs.

You probably don’t think of your garden plants as being miniature vampires. However, many gardeners have learned that sprinkling animal blood on their garden provides plants with much needed nutrients. It appears that soil bacteria breaks down the protein in the blood into ammonia, which plants absorb through their roots as a source of nitrogen. In addition, the blood smells terrible and helps repel pests including deer and rabbits.

Animal blood is available in a powder form called bloodmeal. The makers of this formula get the blood from slaughterhouses, then remove the contaminants, dry and package it. To get its benefits, simply spread some on your garden.

Of course, you would never allow your kids to pee on your garden. However, urine is a great fertilizer. Soil bacteria in the garden converts the nitrogen in the urine into ammonia and the plants suck it up.

Finally, experienced gardeners have discovered that houseplants that are cut are susceptible to bacteria or fungus that could invade the plant through the severed opening in the stem. Many gardeners have used aspirin or even vodka and bleach to kill the bacteria or fungus before they can enter the plant.

Another item that can ward off fungus and bacteria is a copper penny. It turns out that copper is a fungicide that attacks enzymes the fungus needs.

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