What You May Not Have Known About Lawns

A nicely kept lawn can provide a whole lot of societal benefits besides a beautiful appearance. (Courtesy: Prateek Rungta at flickr.com)

A nicely kept lawn can provide a whole lot of societal benefits besides a beautiful appearance.
(Courtesy: Prateek Rungta at flickr.com)

Nicely kept lawns is an imperative for homeowners. The lawn is the first thing people notice of a property and therefore offers you and your family’s first chance to make a good impression.

However, lawns are not just for the enjoyment of others who view your property. It can also boost one’s pride in him or herself and family. It provides a place where your family members can recreate whether its two brothers throwing a football or a family picnic and socialize with others through such things as an outdoor party or cookout.

You may not be aware that your lawn also provides benefits to the environment and ensure purer water for the neighborhood.

Here are just some societal benefits that a lawn provides.

· Your lawn helps control the climate at ground level as turf grasses cool temperatures providing something like an “air condition” to the immediate area.
· Grass turfs catch and hold dust and smoke particles that drift in the atmosphere and helps keep the air clean.
· Grass absorbs noise, which cuts down on excessive sound.
· Turf grasses absorb pollutants including carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.
· Turf grass thatch blocks chemicals from entering the soil.
· Turf grasses produce oxygen making our environment breathable. A 50-foot by 50-foot lawn generates enough oxygen for a family of four.
· Grasses help to control erosion of the soil due to water.
· Turf grasses filtrate and clean water that recharges the underground water supply.
· A well-maintained lawn reduces run-off of water and pollutants.
· Grass zones on roads and airfields help to enhance safety by reducing water run-off that can result in flooding.

Moreover, these fun facts and statistics about lawns may surprise you.

· A well-maintained thick 10,000 square foot lawn will have six turf plants per square inch and 850 turf plants per square foot for a grand total of 8.5 million turf plants.
· Grass is 75% to 80% water.
· Up to 90% of the weight of grass is in its roots.
· Grass clippings left on the lawn after mowing offer nutrients that nurture the grass.

So the next time you ask Junior to mow the lawn, tell him it’s for the good of the planet.

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