Why It’s a Good Idea to Install Edging

Edging is an important aspect of any lawn because you need to separate the different areas of your yard. Chances are, your yard contains many different components, from you patio to your lawn to your garden. Because each of these areas has a separate surface and appearance, it is crucial that you demarcate each region so that they do not interfere with one another. Edging is the best way to establish these borders, and in this post we expand on why edging is necessary and offer some tips for how to successfully install edging.

Lawn Edging is Great for Your Lawn and Curb Appeal

The benefits of lawn edging

First of all, perhaps the most noticeable benefit of edging is the enhanced appearance it gives to your lawn. With edging, your lawn looks clearly organized, thereby improving your curb appeal and in turn, your property value. It also keeps grass from spreading to unwanted regions of your yard, and you can use a lawn edger to carefully trim along the border. If you do not have edging, the stolens (grass shoots) spread and will take root elsewhere in the yard. Everyone can likely remember cases in which grass grows in cement or in a patio, and this is how it occurs. Similarly, lawns without edging also tend to be susceptible to having their mulch spread.

Tips for installing edging

One of the most basic tips we can offer is that you want to clearly design your edging before you begin its construction. To map out the layout, take a garden hose and use a marker to trace the design. When you are ready to install the design, be sure to dig down fairly deep—anywhere from 4-6 inches deep is usually sufficient. A good rule of thumb is that you want your border to rise about ½ inch over the soil line. Deciding on which material to use for your edging is a matter of personal preference, although there are still some guidelines to bear in mind. Metal is perhaps the most durable material to use, but does not bring the aesthetic appeal of wood. Alternately, stone or brick are also durable and attractive choices to spring for, although they tend to be more expensive than metal or plastic. Once you’ve finished laying in foundation, use your leftover soil (from digging the trench) and fill in any gaps that may be remaining in the foundation.

Edging is one of the easiest ways of beautifying your lawn. Organize your yard, keep your grass from expanding, and enhance your property value by installing edging this summer.


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