Yes, You Can Grow Plants in Winter

Well, it’s January as I write this and boy it is cold outside! In some parts of the United States we’ve had some massive snowstorms. It’s just the type of weather not to think about your outside garden.

Thyme. (Courtesy: Rey at

(Courtesy: Rey at

Wait! Don’t be so pessimistic! Actually, you can enjoy gardening all year ‘round. For example, you can utilize a greenhouse or cold frame, grow plants indoors and plant crops and certain types of flowers outside.

The key to extending gardening into the winter months is knowing what plants or vegetables to grow.

For example, some kinds of herbs and vegetables thrive during the cold months and can help you save money in the process. That’s because grocery stores and fruit stands tend to charge more for their produce.

Herbs that are hardy enough to take on the winter include:

· Thyme
· Sage
· Parsley
· Chervil
· Oregano
· Hyssop

Parsley. (Courtesy: Farah at

(Courtesy: Farah at

· Yarrow

Vegetables that perform well in the cold include:

· Spinach or Swiss Chard
· Radishes
· Broad Beans
· Kale
· Sugar Snap Peas
· Onions and Shallots
· Garlic
· Spring Onions

There are a number of perennials that do well in winter as well. They include:

· Bugleweed
· Rock Cress
· European Wild Ginger
· Sea Thrift
· Basket-of-Gold
· Bergenia
· Snow-in-Summer
· Barrenwort
· Lenten Rose
· Coral Bells
· Evergreen Candytuft
· Spotted Dead Nettle
· Moss Phlox
· Bethlehem Sage
· Autumn Joy Sedum
· Stonecrop Sedum
· Lamb’s Ears
· Foam Flower

Finally, ferns to include in your winter garden include:

· Ebony Spleenwort
· Marginal Shield Fern
· Christmas Fern

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