A Basic Primer to Managing Mosquitoes on Your Lawn

It goes without saying that mosquitoes are one of the more annoying aspects of summer. Indeed, a huge swarm of mosquitoes can really suck (pun intended) the fun out of a summer evening outside. Depending on where you live, you may have already noticed some mosquitoes in your area, as it is generally believed that mosquito season starts in late April. Worse yet, be forewarned that in most areas, the insects grow even more prevalent through to the end of summer. This post reviews which conditions are most conducive to breeding mosquitoes, and what you can do to keep mosquitoes away from your lawn and property.


Keep These Away from Your Lawn

Where do mosquitoes roam?

The basic rule you should always bear in mind is that mosquitoes are drawn to warm, wet climates with high humidity. This means that they are particularly gruesome during rainy seasons. It is also incumbent on you to keep all standing water away from your lawn, as puddles are a veritable breeding ground for the insects. Dispose of water that may have accumulated in your gutters, drain outlets, dripping faucets, or old tires.

Don’t overwater

In the heat of the summer, many people are driven to water their lawn, and by all means this is sound practice. At the same time, however, make sure that you do not overwater. If you are watering so much that there are puddles of standing water on your lawn, do not be surprised when this attracts hordes of mosquitoes. For this reason, keep the watering to a reasonable level.

What can you do to manage mosquitoes?

At this point, there is basically an entire industry centering on eliminating mosquitoes. One of the easiest ways of driving the insects away from your lawn is to purchase citronella candles or insect sprayer. Set up candles throughout your lawn and watch as they disappear. It is also important to remember that as much as they love rain, they dislike wind as it inhibits their ability to fly. Purchasing air fans will go a long way toward eliminating them. If you try these approaches and are still affected by mosquitoes, you will probably have to resort to more serious measures. Larviciding is one of the more potent approaches you can take. Purchase Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) from you local garden merchant and apply it to pools of water inhabited by mosquito. Bti is a very potent strain of bacteria that is environmentally safe and is considered highly effective in controlling the insects, so it should work as a last resort.

To be sure, mosquitoes are incredibly annoying. That said, there is no need to be fatalistic about mosquitoes and by following the tips offered in this post, you should be able to enjoy a comfortable summer evening outside without having to fend yourself from the insects. See this article for more info on mosquitoes.

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