An Overview of the Lawn Edger

The lawn edger is the ideal tool for someone who takes a great deal of pride in their lawn. If you view lawn care as drudgery and a chore that you despise each week, the lawn edger will probably not appeal to you. However, if you take a great deal of pride and like getting a little bit of wow factor out of your lawn, it will give your lawn the perfectly manicured appearance you crave. In this post, we review the lawn edger, providing you with the information to determine whether this handy product is right for you.

What the Lawn Edger Accomplishes

The lawn edger allows you to get an even cut in areas that are unattainable for larger lawn instruments like a trimmer or mower. For example, with a lawn edger you can get under a fence or the perimeter of a flower bed. Whether you live in a rural setting or in the heart of suburbia, the lawn edger is an instrument of great utility. Not only is it incredibly useful for getting at areas that are unattainable for your other lawn instruments, but it can also be used to improve the appearance of larger expanses of grass as well. For example, if you mowed the lawn and the next day you notice that your cut was a bit uneven, you can even out your lawn with the lawn edger without having to lug out your heavy mower. In addition, you can use it to keep grass away from unwanted areas of your yard.

Features of the Lawn Edger: What to Look For

stihl edger

The Stihl FC 70

One of the most effective lawn edgers is the Stihl FC 70, and it gives you a good idea of which features to look for in a lawn edger. The Stihl FC 70 is easy to replace and the wheels are adjustable. There is also a debris deflector and all of the controls are on the handle, making it especially simple to operate. One of the handiest features is the “Line of Sight” marking system, which gives you a clear understanding of where you have already cut. There really is no expertise required to operate lawn edgers like the Stihl FC 70, and it won’t break down easily.

As you can see, the lawn edger is an incredibly useful addition to your lineup of lawn care machines. To get a clean cut in regions of your lawn that are too tricky for your mower or trimmer, be sure to consider the Stihl FC 70 or other model. Whichever model you choose, rest assured that the lawn edger will go a long way toward giving your lawn a polished, well-manicured appearance.

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