Budget Buying: Best Riding Mowers with an Unlimited Budget

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Some folks are lucky enough to be working with an unlimited budget for their lawn mower needs. For those folks, we say congratulations, and let us live vicariously through you. Today, we’ll look at the best lawn mowers for particular situations if you have an unlimited budget.

John Deere x758

For Someone who Wants All the Toys – John Deere x758

If you need a lawn mower that can handle all sorts of tasks, all throughout the year, the John Deere x758 is one of the top all-around performers on the market. In fact, it is about as close as you’ll get to a sub-compact utility tractor in the mower family. At an MSRP of $14,099 with the 60-inch high-capacity deck, it may even be more expensive than a number of sub-compact utility tractors.

The Deere certainly earns that budget-busting price tag, though. It is powered by a high-torque three-cylinder diesel engine, with a fuel capacity of 5.2 gallons for extra run time. The fuel is kept clean by a heavy-duty fuel filter. This power is controlled through the hydrostatic Twin Touch transmission that is easy to operate and provides for quick changes in speed and direction. The Deere is guided with full-time four-wheel drive and power steering for effortless control.

The operator’s station is very comfortable, and well laid-out. All the levers and monitor are easy to find and easy to decipher. The mower includes four hydraulic outlets, a Category 1 Three-Point Hitch, and a 540-RPM PTO so that you can attach pretty much any attachment you please.

Bad Boy Compact Diesel

When You Need to Cut on Rough Terrain – Bad Boy Compact Diesel

A mower company we haven’t brought up before, Bad Boy specializes in making heavy-duty mowing units that might be a little bit of overkill for most residential applications. However, for the busy landowner with acres of land on poor terrain, the Bad Boy Compact Diesel might just be the right choice as long as the budget is big enough.

All Bad Boy mowers are built with 11-gauge steel rails that make them incredibly sturdy and durable, meaning it won’t blink at the bumps and holes in your rough terrain. The deck is also built stronger than most, made of quarter-inch welded steel to take bumping and banging. Powering this beast is a 28-horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine producing 70 foot-pounds of torque. This Bad Boy rings in at a starting price of $12,999, but if budget is no issue and you have large, rough areas of ground that need mowing, this is your best bet.

Kubota ZD331

For Massive Mowing Jobs – Kubota ZD331

When you need giant swaths of grass knocked down, and you want to do it in a little bit of comfort, the Kubota ZD331 and its 72-inch deck is there for anyone with the means to afford it. It’s perfect for large pastures and properties – in addition to the deck, the fuel tank holds 12.9 gallons, so you won’t have to stop and refuel for hours. Even if you’ve left areas get really tall, the deck depth of 6.5 inches will swallow almost any grass. If you need the deck up for transport, the deck lift is done with hands-free hydraulic pedals.

The ZD331 is easy on the turf as well. The deck is supported by swiveling anti-scalp rollers to prevent the blades from bouncing and taking a chunk out of your nicely-manicured lawn. The rear tires are also turf-friendly. The Kubota is set up to be comfortable for long periods of mowing, with easy-to-operate controls. With most retailers selling the Kubota ZD331 for $14,900 and up, this mower might have a hard time fitting in all but the largest budgets, but it is certainly one of the most potent and powerful lawn mowers available today

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