Does Your Mower or Tractor Need Roll Bar Lights?

Roll bars come in all shapes and sizes. They’ can be’re obviously used on jeeps, trucks, mowers, tractors, all-terrain vehicles and other types of vehicles. Their main purpose is to protect the driver and occupants from harm if the vehicle rolls over or crashes into something.

Constructed of thick steel, roll bars are made to meet the material size and thickness standards of the NHRA, IHRA, and the majority of major road races, SCCA, and off-road organizations. However, they must be placed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the sanctioning bodies. They are made to fit snugly with your existing interior. The rollbars on mowers and tractors are referred to as ROPS, Roll Over Protection System with most having a square edge as opposed to the more common rounded roll bars of the aforementioned Jeeps, trucks, or all-terrain vehicles.

Roll Bar Light Kits

One of 3 current types of TractorBracket’s ROPS Light Bar Kits available on Lawn & Garden Parts.

One popular upgrade is roll bar lights. Having lights in a roll bar or cage offers an extra measure of comfort and safety. If your mower has them, then you can mow past dark. It’s much safer to have these additional lights to illuminate the area. Though headlights do light up the area in front of you, roll bar lights brighten a much wider area.

These accessories are available for mowers and tractors as well. They offer the same measure of protection. If you’re mowing on a hillside, for instance, your mower might flip over. A roll bar would protect you from harm. Having lights on the roll bar will make it easy to see what damages may have occurred from the accident.

You can purchase mowers, tractors and ATVs with roll bars that have lights in them. However, if your roll bars did not come with lights built in, it’s easy to fix this situation.

Installation for Roll Bar Light Kits

A roll bar light kit can be purchased separately with a minimal imstallation time. A good light bar kit is devised to encase the lights, tucking them inside the aluminum roll bar brackets. They will raise the overall height of the roll bar one or more inches. It’s important to make sure you buy a roll bar light kit that will fit properly. For this, it may be best to consult your machine’s manufacturer.

ROPS Light Bars
These are images of the LED light from a lightbar clamped to a roll bar (ROPS) on a Kubota tractor.

The website offers a wide range of tractors, mowers and lawn equipment. Their roll bar light kits will fit a wide range of vehicles/machines and they are easy to install. The kit contains:

  • 2 mounting brackets
  • 12″ light bar
  • 5000 lumen 30w light
  • Combination flood/spotlight pattern

LED lights offer exceptional performance where there are unfavorable lighting conditions, remove glare and enhance definition. This insures ensure driving safety. Most light bars can withstand the harsh environments because they’re rustproof and dustproof. They’re also constructed to be shockproof as well as to resisting moisture and leaking.

The roll bar light kits below are available in three sizes. They come complete with the mounting bracket and screws for installation. This an easy fix that can make driving your tractor or mower much safer.

1.5″ x 3″ Roll Bar Light Kit

2″ x 2″ Roll Bar Light Kit

2″ x 3″ Roll Bar Light Kit

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