Don’t Let Your Yard Become a Landscaping Disaster


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Given the amount of time we spend working on our backyards, the last thing we want to do is make that one step that turns a success into a disaster. There’s a lot to consider when you are putting your yard together, the key is to make sure you don’t make these crucial errors.

Too Much Lawn Ornamentation

One lawn gnome is cute. An entire gnome family is a bit overboard. When folks put too much crap in their yard, it shows, and it can distract from what might be an otherwise beautiful yard with wonderful landscaping.

Forgetting the View from Inside

There will be rainy days, there will be incredibly hot days, and sometimes you might just gaze out from your bathroom or your kitchen window. All of these days, you’ll want to still be able to look out over your yard. Unfortunately, many people don’t plan for those days, and their landscapes don’t look all that nice from inside. Make sure you’re not one of those people.

Not Accounting for the Local Wildlife

There’s not much you can do to keep the birds, bees and bigger fauna like deer out of your lawn. If they want in, they’ll find a way. Your best bet is to be creative with your landscaping to urge them to move on. For deer, plant some deer-deterring shrubbery – if they nibble on it, they’ll soon learn to skip your property when munching. For rabbits, some chicken wire can keep them away from plants. For birds and bees, make sure they have


Too much of the same thing over and over will create a dull, boring landscape. You need to vary colors, shapes, and sizes – just not too much. While monotony is pretty bad, so is being incredibly scattered in your design – see our next mistake for more on this.

Having a Scattered Palette

Everyone wants their landscape to look like a Monet. However, too often people make their landscape look like Monet’s palette, with splotches of color scattered everywhere and no theme or cohesiveness or pattern.

Using the Wrong Tools for Jobs

You can do quite a bit of improvisation with your tools, and your garden will be fairly forgiving. There is such thing as going a bit too far with using the wrong tool for the job though. You can damage your lawn and garden, and more dangerously, you can injure yourself and others.

Overlooking Nighttime Enjoyment

In the summers, you’ll want to spend time in your lawn when the sun goes down, kick back with a pleasant drink and enjoy the cool evening. Maybe you’ll want some friends over to enjoy a fire pit. Make sure to have some outdoor lighting ready, and set up your landscaping so that it can be illuminated but also stay out of the way of a fire pit or campfire.

Failing to Fit Your Lifestyle

How your landscaping looks is often the major worry when you are planning it out and working on it during the year. However, how your landscaping works with your life is just as important. If you’ve got a ton of toddlers running around, you probably don’t want jagged rock gardens as a major feature.

Failure to Have a Plan

The one single mistake that can cause more damage than any other mistake on this list is to fail to plan. Just throwing a bunch of stuff out there will make your landscaping look rushed and hodge-podge, which is never a good thing. Plan ahead.

So don’t make these mistakes when you are designing your landscaping and working with it, and you should be good to go.

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