Repelling Mosquitoes

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There have been testimonials for all sorts of remedies to get rid of mosquitoes. Most people who wish to enjoy the outdoors during summer rely on mosquito repellent sprays like “Off” to keep the nasty little beasts away. If the repellents don’t seem to be doing the trick, then you may want to consider one, a combination, or many of these alternatives.

• Neem oil is a substance that comes from the neem tree that can be used as a medicinal product or insecticide. It is suggested that you mix the oil with coconut oil in equal portions and then rub the mixture on your skin. It is said that the smell will keep the mosquitoes away for up to eight hours. An additional benefit of neem oil is that it protects you from harmful diseases, too.
• Tulsi plant is said to be ideal for repelling mosquitoes. In fact, according to research published in the Parasitology Research Journal, Tulsi actually kills mosquito larvae. Just place the plant outside or near a window of your home and it will prevent mosquitoes from entering. You can also grow the Tulsi plant in your backyard.
• Camphor is an effective material for repelling mosquitoes as well as other insects. It is also said to last for a long time, so you don’t have to replace often. What gets rid of the insects is the strong aroma. You can light them and use in a closed room for a while and they will rid the room of any mosquitoes that are there.
• Eucalyptus and lemon oil combined is said to repel mosquitoes and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) actually recommends its use to get rid of a variety of insects. Cineole, which appears in Eucalyptus and lemon oil, is what drives mosquitoes and other insects away. Mix Eucalyptus with lemon oil in equal portions and apply to your skin.
• Tea tree oil is ideal for not only driving away mosquitoes, it also provides benefits for your skin and hair and is also a strong anti-bacterial agent. Rub the oil on your skin or vaporize it throughout the house.
• Dry ice trap can be used as bait in a box with a lid. Mosquitoes will be attracted to the box.
• Garlic is ideal for repelling mosquitoes because of its scent. It can actually kill the pests, not just drive them away. Boil garlic in water and let it cool, then put into a sprayer and spray the rooms of your house or places on your property where they collect.
• Mint is ideal as a potion for repelling mosquitoes because the critters are repelled by the scent. Plant mint shrubs in your backyard and spray mint oil around your house and very soon, no more mosquitoes.
• Lavender growing in vases inside your house is also a way to repel mosquitoes. The little critters apparently hate the sweet smell. You can also apply lavender oil to your skin to keep them from attacking your or spray the oil in an infected area of your home or yard.
• Citronella oil works as a mosquito repellent, too. Spray it in areas where mosquitoes are a bother.

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