Flowering Houseplant Extends Blooming Time Through Winter

When old man winter finally arrives for another year with blasts of wind, cold, and snow, it is nice to continue the blooming season with flowering plants inside your home.

Nine houseplants are often used to extend the beauty of flowers inside the comfort of the home. They include:

· Begonias.

(Courtesy: Phil Elton at flickr.com)

Commonly recognized as an outdoor plant, many species of Begonias including Wax Begonias, Rieger Begonias, and Angel-Wing Begonias can be ideal houseplants for providing bloom indoors and they are an easy plant for beginners to grow.

· Bromeliads.

(Courtesy: Chopstick-girl at flickr.com)

Ideal for extending the blooming season indoors, these houseplants add a lot of color and lasts for a long time. It thrives with very little care and in low light conditions.

· African Violets.

African Violets
(Courtesy: Ashley Veselka at flickr.com)

Also ideal for prolonging blooming indoors, the houseplant does quite well in warm climates. They do best when in a location that features filtered sunlight.

· Scented Geraniums.

Scented Geranium.
(Courtesy: Audrey at flickr.com)

Not only do they present a beautiful bloom, these houseplants also provide a great fragrance. However, it should be noted that it is not as easy to grow indoors. It does best when placed at a south or west-facing window that receives plenty of sunlight. Moreover, it requires only moderate watering.

· Poinsettias.

(Courtesy: Detlef Becher at flickr.com)

Always recognized as a great houseplant at Christmastime, the plant is considered to be tropical and requires light, warmth, and protection from cold drafts.

· Peace Lily.

Peace Lily.
(Courtesy: derhur at flickr.com)

A low-maintenance houseplant, Peace Lilies can go for days without water and offer an attractive bloom in low light conditions. It also offers the added benefit of ridding indoor air of toxins.

· Lipstick Plant.

Lipstick Plant.
(Courtesy: Brina Ashleydale at flickr.com)

Not commonly used as a houseplant, Lipstick Plants can be ideal inside the home, especially when in constant warm temperatures and humid conditions.

· Jasmines.

(Courtesy: Mani Bhaskar at flickr.com)

This houseplant is ideal for display in the home because there are many varieties that flourish indoors. It is another plant that offers a great fragrance as well as visual beauty and thrives in an area of the home that offers direct sunlight daily. Jasminum Polyanthum is ideal for homes in colder regions while most of the other species of Jasmine also do well indoors.

· Impatiens.

(Courtesy: Jackie Neagle at flickr.com)

These houseplants love the shade and will grow indoors all year-round. It should be placed in a room that maintains temperatures between 50°F to 55°F and should be in a place that gets bright indirect sunlight all day as well as 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight.





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