Focus On A Houseplant During Winter

Whether you pursue gardening in winter may depend on how cold and snowy it gets in your region of the country. If you live in the northern states, then the harsh cold and heavy snow may force you to retreat indoors. For many gardeners this type of weather may close down your gardening activity for the duration. That doesn’t have to be so.

Why not just bring your garden indoors. There are a number of houseplants that offer a lot of color to your home and they will allow you to continue to pursue your passion.

Four such species are:

· Kalanchoe
· Christmas Cactus
· Phalenopsis
· Cyclamen

Kalanchoe houseplant. (Courtesy: Old Farmers' Almanac)

Kalanchoe houseplant.
(Courtesy: Old Farmers’ Almanac)

Kalanchoe is a robust plant that features a wide range of crayon-bright colors when it blossoms. Then there is the Kalanchoe Pumila that offers pink blooms and gray trailing foliage. It’s an ideal plant to showcase in a hanging basket close to a south-facing window. This houseplant loves cool temperatures and still thrives even if you forget to water it from time to time.

Christmas Cactus (Courtesy: Old Farmers' Almanac)

Christmas Cactus
(Courtesy: Old Farmers’ Almanac)

Christmas Cactus showcase neon shades of red, purple, pink, and white on its bloom. It obviously does not look like a cactus, but appears more like orchids. This houseplant is ideal in a cool bright room where the night temperatures are between 55°F to 60°F. The chilly temperature will help to preserve the life of the blossoms. It is best not to put it in direct sunlight or near a heating vent. The soil should be moist, but not soggy. Once it blooms you can water only when it is dry.

Phalaenopsis houseplant. (Courtesy: Old Farmers' Almanac)

Phalaenopsis houseplant.
(Courtesy: Old Farmers’ Almanac)

Phalenopsis features flowers that look somewhat like flying moths or butterflies and the bloom remains for three to four months. The houseplant is available in a variety of solid colors as well as stripes and even bi-colors. Experts suggest that you water once or twice a week and fertilize once a month. These plants thrive in temperatures ranging from 60°F to 75°F during the day and 55°F to 60°F during the night. Keep it close to a west-facing window for best results.

Cyclamen houseplant (Courtesy: Old Farmers' Almanac)

Cyclamen houseplant
(Courtesy: Old Farmers’ Almanac)

Cyclamen grows from a tuber near the surface of the soil. The plant blooms through the winter and on into April. It features marbled, heart-shaped flora and single blooms on bare stalks. It features pink, purple, red or white and bi-color blossoms with plain or rumpled edges. It flourishes in bright indirect light and cool temperatures. It is susceptible to rotting when the crown is moist. So it’s best to let it sit on a saucer of water for a few minutes to get its moisture. Once it sucks up enough water to get to the surface, let it drain and let it dry out a little between watering.

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