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If you are a prolific gardener, then you probably have a plethora of garden tools. Gardening can be a very specialized undertaking and so you have lots and lots of tools making an issue as to where or how you are going to store all those things.

Whether you have a shed where you can store just garden tools, the lawn mower, trimmers, and blowers or you have to depend on the garage where things can get rather cluttered due to one or two cars, you may have to be creative to figure out a way to get some kind of order to it all.

Here are some ideas I found in a column at

You’d be surprised what you may have at hand to satisfy storage issues in different rooms of your home. In many cases, these items can also be used to store garden tools.

An extra pegboard you may have lying around to use in your son or daughters room where they can hang pictures, notes, and other things that help them work through their daily routine can be used to hang some garden tools on the wall of the shed or garage. Moreover, pegboards can also be used to organize desk supplies, kitchen utensils, and cooking supplies like pots and pans on the back of cabinet doors.

Connect garden tools with holes in handles to the board with a straight hook. If the tools don’t have holes, then slip a straight hook in each of two peg holes that are adjacent to each other to hold T-shaped garden tools or shovels. You can also utilize to short 2x4s extending out from a wall to hold these types of tools, too.

The hook portion of a clothes hanger can be used to hold an item like a chain or rope that can be tied together to hold a hose. Hang the coat hook on the wall and include another hook at the other end to hold the chain or rope.

A paper towel holder would be ideal for rolls of twine and/or tape. The set up would make it easy to roll off a length of string from the twine on the paper towel holder and just cut it. Of, if need be, you can simply remove the twine from the holder and take it with you to perform some task. Just be sure to return the twine to the holder.

Wire shelving that you might find at Ikea could serve as a holder for shovels and rakes or other tools with long, straight handles.

Be creative and think out of the box when looking at items you use in your daily routine. If you use a little imagination you can figure out how to use them to handle any of your garden equipment.

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