Garden Tricks For Spring

It’s a great idea to talk with fellow gardeners in your neighborhood to discover unique garden tricks that help to conserve moisture,

Soda bottle drip feeder.
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protect flowers and garden tools, grow crops better, more efficiently change out your garden and more. Who knows, hearing a new idea from a gardening friend might spark you into coming up with tricks on your own.

Here are some interesting ideas that you can use to expand your enjoyment in gardening.

· Line the bottom of flowerpots with coffee liners to preserve water and soil.
· Plant lemongrass in pots and put them around your yard to get rid of mosquitos. The little bugs hate the scent of fresh lemons.
· Make a vertical garden by lining a shower caddy with moss or plant liner and place succulents in each section.
· Fill a terra cotta pot with builder’s sand that you can find at most hardware stores, add a few drops of mineral oil to keep it moist and store your tools in it. The tools will remain clean and rust-free.
· Put a sponge in the bottom of a pot that keeps developing puddles of lost water. The sponge will soak up the extra water and offer a source of more water when the plants require it.
· Take clippings of fresh produce including green and regular onions, basil, ginger, leeks, cabbage, and celery. Put them in water and allow the roots to form, and then plant them in your garden.
· Take an old plastic soda bottle and puncture holes in it and then bury it next to a plant in your garden with the opening sticking up through the soil. When filled with water the bottle serves as a drip feeder by slowly releasing the water near the plant’s roots.

Pot-in-pot gardening.
(Courtesy: Pinterest)

· Plant a pot into the soil of your garden and then put another pot that contains the plant into the first pot. This allows you to move plants around easily, allow you to grow plants even if you have poor soil for growing or remove plants from the garden to protect them from frost.
· Sprinkle some baking soda on the soil where you have planted tomatoes. This will result in sweeter tomatoes.
· Use empty plastic bins as a mini-greenhouse for growing seedlings.

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