Waterfalls Add Visual Interest To Property

You’ve heard of the five elements of Earth –- Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Four out of the five are present in your garden. Well, not so much as far as water is concerned.

However, you can create amazing visuals to go with your garden that concentrate on water. They are called waterfalls.

Of course, the size of your property dictates the sophistication of the waterfall that is created, but you can have some style of waterfall regardless of the size of your land.

One visually striking waterfall that can be created on a large or small property is the “Water Wall.” They are not that difficult to create and they can be integrated with existing structures or you can take a little time to create a foundation for one. Some examples include:

· Showers. You can use a simple pump system and some PVC pipes attached to overhead beams or deck and include a plastic bin in which the water can fall.

· A sheet of water formed on a well-constructed frame could also serve as an interesting visual for a patio, a backyard fence, or sitting right in the middle of a garden.

· Shining metal like copper can serve as a great background and source of a waterfalls.

You can incorporate something natural or man made to serve as a base of a fountain or waterfalls. Here are two examples:
· Driftwood is an ideal natural frame for the twisting and turning water of a falls and could blend well as part of a garden or a structure next to a patio.

· A wall, sturdy fence or even a tree can serve as a support for waterfalls.

Construct a foundation for a waterfall out of scratch. Here are two ideas:

· Terracotta pots can serve as the foundation of a waterfalls and will be small enough to sit on a small table or move from place to place.

· A group of step-stacked wood boxes sitting on bricks or concrete is a simple foundation for a small waterfall.

Source: Backyard Boss

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