Great Plants To Grow Indoors

The disadvantage of growing plants indoors is that they still need some amount of sunlight. That means you need to place them next to windows that are facing the proper direction so that enough sunlight is received.

What about being able to place plants anywhere in the house you want to? What this would mean is that your plant need not be anchored to a window.

Here are 11 plants that thrive without sunlight and thus are ideal for placement anywhere in the home. However, be warned that although sunlight is not required, bright indirect lighting is.


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Available in about 50 species, Dracaena needs an occasional pruning and regular watering. Be sure to keep the plant from direct sunlight and do not overwater.


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A tropical plant that will grow just about anywhere indoors, most varieties of Bromeliads flourish in containers placed in the shade. In fact, this plant even grows well in the luminescent light.

Maidenhair Fern

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Featuring dark, glossy leafstalks, this fern needs to be watered frequently, but not overwatered and performs best in indirect sunlight.

Parlor Palm

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Excellent as a houseplant, the Parlor Palm grows well in the dim corners of a home where nothing else grows. Although it can be grown in low light conditions, you do miss out of the clusters of tiny yellow flowers when more sunlight is upon it during the spring.

Umbrella Papyrus

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Also known as Umbrella Palm, this plant is an evergreen ornamental that thrives indoors or in shady and boggy areas of an outdoor garden. It is very easy to grow and maintain.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue

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Also referred to as a Snake Plant, it is very durable and tolerates darkness.

Creeping Fig

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A slow-growing creeper plant with small, leathery dark green foliage, it is a dynamic grower with clinging and dense branches that stick to any surface. Don’t overwater. It is suggested that you let the soil dry out before watering.


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Also known as a Peacock Plant, it is a tropical plant that flourishes in light shade, but requires a some things including a minimum temperature of 55°F and needs a little more maintenance than the other plants described here.

Sword Fern

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A beautiful evergreen, the plant should not be put in direct sunlight. It should be grown in acidic soil that is kept lightly moist and its environment should be humid. So mist regularly to maintain humidity levels.


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A plant that grows as tall as 6-inches, Peperomia exhibits thick foliage and grows best in slightly moist soil and in humid surroundings. Watering should be reduced in winter and the plant’s leaves should be sprayed to maintain humid conditions.

Devil’s Ivy

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Also known as Golden Pothos or Money Plant, it is commonly grown in homes in Asia. It is a vine that is an excellent climber and can be grown in a bathroom, kitchen or living room. An added benefit to the plant is that it cleans carbon monoxide from the air.

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