Some Low Maintenance Perennial

Who isn’t busy these days? Between work, the kids, home, and the spouse there’s not much time for anything else. However, if you still want to work a garden, then you need to consider ways to lower the maintenance needed to help make those blooms thrive. One answer is to rely on low maintenance perennials. You know, plants you don’t have to spend too much time on.

You can accommodate the workweek and your family time on the weekends when you use low maintenance perennials like these 8.

1. Coneflower is a perennial that will bloom from early summer to fall. It even does well in drought conditions and will grow to as high as 3-feet tall.

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2. Iris is a perennial that actually multiplies. It’s bulb increases each year and before you know it you have a large bunch of beautiful flowers. The iris features a tall green stalk and once it is established it needs very little care. Split the bulbs into two and plant the halves in other areas of your lawn.

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3. Chrysanthemum is a perennial that is easy to grow and provides a nice fall color to you garden. There are several different types, so make sure you pick one that works in your region of the country.

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4. Sedum is actually a groundcover perennial that withstands heat, disease, and drought and continues to grow and spread. You can put this plant in areas of your property that does not have a good, dedicated water source. Some gardeners have been known to plant them in rock walls. It is suggested that as the plant spreads, divide it every few years and replant it in different areas of your property.

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5. Yarrow is a hardy perennial plant and actually thrives in cold or heat. It too can battle drought. An added benefit is that it resists deer.

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6. Daylily is a perennial that keeps coming back year after year with luscious green foliage and bright yellow blooms. A benefit of this plant is that it too can be divided and replanted as the original plant continues to spread.

Daylily (Courtesy: Richard Y.J. at

7. Coralbell is an ostentatious perennial and yet very low maintenance. They do best in areas that are partially shaded and feature tiny bell-shaped flowers that bloom on tall, thin spikes.

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8. Hosta love shade and is available in an assortment of sizes. However, deer and pests love to eat them.

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